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By Appointment Only (2007 film)
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I had to pay a visit to see the doctor on Thursday morning due to the rash I had on my both my arms and one leg. It appeared several weeks ago and at that time I thought it would disappear by itself for it seemed to do so at first. I had been treating it with a few different ointments but then after another couple of weeks it began to worsen again and was on occasion very itchy. I had to make an appointment with the doctor else it would never go away. Now the problem with many surgeries these days is actually getting an appointment in the first place, at least one reasonably quickly. Obviously emergency requests are honoured but this wasn’t an emergency by any stretch of the imagination. I had to wait almost two weeks or take a chance on there being time to see me in the meantime. That wasn’t going to happen as I had been very busy up until then so I took the earliest appointment they could give me which was eight-thirty in the morning. The surgery opens at that time so I was the first patient for the particular doctor I was to see. Five minutes later and I was out of the surgery and on my way to the pharmacy not far away in the village shopping centre. The pharmacy opens at nine so I had a twenty minute wait. I could have waited in the vehicle but I had parked it at a distance and besides there was a bench outside the pharmacy on which to sit. I sat there and watched the village get busy as people began coming in. It is amazing what you see if you have the time and I had plenty of that. Soon the pharmacist arrived and said hello as she entered the shop but it wasn’t yet opening time for customers, I had to wait a further five minutes. Because I was so early I had to inform the pharmacist that the doctor had only just sent my prescription as she would need to look up the details on her computer. She informed me it wouldn’t take long to sort my request but I still had to wait a further ten minutes. Finally she came over to the counter and apologised for having only one of the two prescribed items in stock and that I would have to call later to collect it. I asked if it could be delivered instead, a service which they do provide but it meant I would need to wait-in at home to collect the afternoon delivery. I wasn’t going anywhere anyway. I took the other prescribed item with me and went home. The delivery came later in the afternoon. It would be the first time I’d taken advantage of the delivery service but E however has all her medication delivered. Mind you she does have a lot of it. I am often the only one in the house when it arrives too so I am used to having to sign for it. Thursday afternoon was sunny, a nice time to go for a walk but that would have to wait till another day, I had to stay at home instead.

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