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English: Wind-sculpted trees on the Pembrokesh...
Wind-sculpted trees on the Pembrokeshire coast In contrast to the many images of the sunny summer coastline this shows the effect of the prevailing winds on clifftop vegetation and the misty atmosphere of a midwinter afternoon (Christmas Eve 2006). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is Christmas Eve as I write this late in the afternoon. I sit alone. It was exactly the same yesterday and it bores me to tears. At the moment the wind is blowing at around 40-44 mph according to the weather forecast and it is cold at 7 deg C but feeling colder because of the wind, not a day for going far on foot. We are promised a warm day tomorrow at an astonishing 15-16 deg C and although the wind will have not lessened it should be a better day for being outdoors. However there is the likelihood of rain too as we have been informed. That being the case and as I will be doing nothing else I might do a bit of gardening. It would be colder days from then on.  There are bluebell shoots coming out of the ground, the remnant of those I removed during the early summer when I redesigned the front garden flowerbeds. At that time I removed many bluebell bulbs and couldn’t be sure I had removed them all. Now that they have sprouted I can see where to dig to remove them. Nice as bluebells are they tend to multiply quickly and spread themselves all over the place. Of course there is no hurry to get rid of them just yet as it is only after they have flowered do they begin to spread seeds. If the weather is warm it is worthwhile getting them out now as the warm and dry days will be few as the season progresses. There are shrubs to prune back too and of course there are always weeds to dig out! At least it will give me something to do on the day rather than sit watching television. If the weather isn’t as bad as it could be I might carry on doing some more gardening tasks if I am able. I will reveal what happened in a later post.  On Friday last I placed an order for a replacement Union Flag for our flag pole as the existing one has become torn and tattered on its trailing edge. I took it down on Thursday ahead of the forecast high winds and though it is still serviceable I thought a new one would be in order. The new one arrived early on Saturday morning! That was quick service. As I write I am wondering how long it will be before the wind dies down enough to raise the flag once more as it shouldn’t be used if the winds are too high. Well this has been the first week of the Winter season and no doubt the weather will only get worse before it gets better. How long will it be I wonder before we can rely on getting warmer days every day?

Shirley Anne


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