Not again

Saturday Morning: Cartoons' Greatest Hits
Saturday Morning: Cartoons’ Greatest Hits (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I knew it. I said so and so it was. More leaves to sweep up. Monday would be the last day in the year for the collection of green waste so I wanted to be sure I swept up as many of the fallen leaves as I could. Over the last few weeks that is what I have been doing, filling the two bins for emptying every fortnight. There was only one tree left with any leaves left on it by Saturday morning, a sycamore on a neighbour’s land but only a few remained. The rest had fallen and many on our side of the intervening wall. I had slept in yet again and didn’t get downstairs until almost eleven o’clock. I had a snack which served both as breakfast and lunch and after checking my mailbox I donned some warm clothing and went into the rear garden with brush and shovel in hand. Everywhere was covered in a thick frost including the new mat of fallen leaves. I began to sweep them up and place them in the wheelie bin but many of them were actually stuck to the pathway because of the frost. I had to use the shovel to loosen them. I found it easy to use the shovel to remove many of them that had fallen on the grass too. I went all around the garden and the bin was by now almost filled to the brim. Time to take it into the front garden and continue there though there were far fewer leaves to sweep up in the front garden. Both wheelie bins were now filled to the brim and ready to be put into the street late on Sunday evening. There may well be a few more leaves to sweep up in the weeks ahead but they will be very few. Much as I love Autumn having to sweep up the leaves can be very tedious. It was after two o’clock before I was able to return indoors and soon after it became foggy and damp outside. I relaxed with a cup of coffee in the warmth of my lounge. E however had just gone out for the afternoon to go shopping with her mom.

Shirley Anne