Easier than I’d thought

A couple of days ago I went to a house where they had an electrical fault in the main distribution panel and I made a temporary repair allowing a continuity of the supply until the panel could be replaced. Well I went along on Thursday to replace the panel with a metal-clad one incorporating RCD units which the old panel had lacked. The switch-gear, panels and metering where all contained in a neat little cupboard in the hallway and very easy to get into. The replacement panel was slightly wider than the one I was replacing and I thought there may have been a problem installing it. It fitted perfectly in the space as if it had been designed specifically for it. I had to remove the left-hand door before commencing the work but that was simple to do. The most difficult aspect of the job was actually in the removing of the old panel. The new panel took minutes to fit and within an hour or so the whole work was practically finished. The work could not have been easier to do and far easier than I had thought initially. I tend not to take on this sort of work nowadays because they can be fraught with problems, not least of all access. I don’t need the hassle. I have enjoyed my life working as an electrician. my-teacup-1I am not sure just how many replacement panels I have installed during my working life  but they are many. It makes such a pleasant change to have one so easy to fit. I returned home three hours after leaving it and had the rest of the day to myself though I could have arranged to do another job a mere half-mile from the first. That work I scheduled for Friday morning instead. I am determined to spread out my workload as I had promised myself last year but occasionally failed to do so on occasion. I used to wonder what it would be like to reach this stage in life whereby I can take things easy, now I know.

Shirley Anne


You are unique

Do you know that in this world there is no-one else the same as yourself? People may be similar and in so many ways, looks, attitudes, talents and ability but each one no matter who they are is a unique creation. Yes, we are all unique and yes, we were all created. We are the offspring of our parents as far as our flesh is concerned but our spirit is from the Creator of all things. When we die in the flesh that spirit lives on, it returns to God. We face judgement, every one of us, yes, even Christian believers will face judgement. Believers in Christ, in God, already have salvation but they will be judged on both the good and bad things they have done. Unbelievers will be judged too whether they believe it or not but they won’t have an intercessor they won’t have Jesus pleading their case for although he died for everyone’s sins redemption and salvation only come through accepting his gift of life (everlasting). Yes, we are all unique and we all have a choice, to believe in God and Jesus Christ or not to believe. God gave us all a free choice but warns us of the consequences of turning our backs to Him.

Shirley Anne

English: Zambrów - the monument of Jesus Chris...
Zambrów – the monument of Jesus Christ in the front of the church of the Holy Spirit Italiano: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MADE IN GOD’S IMAGE (Genesis 1:26–27)
Human beings are uniquely created in the image of God. When the rest of creation was being birthed, it was “good.” God created the birds, fish, plants and stars to display his splendour and oh, how amazing they are. God said these creations were good. However, when it came to humans, the tone changed. He said that the creation of humans was “very good.” Human beings are an extra-special creation for at least three reasons. First, it is clear that humans have an identity that is rooted in God. When God said, “Let us make mankind in our image,” he reiterated the presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the act of creation . . . .Humans are special because Jesus, as a part of the Trinity, created them in his image. Second, humans are special because they were created for a unique purpose. No two humans are the same. Other aspects of creation serve general functions, but only humans have a unique, individual purpose. Third, humans are designed to have a one-on-one relationship with God through Jesus, powered by the Holy Spirit. As a right of being created in the image of their Creator, humans can relate directly to him. It is through Jesus that this relationship is made possible. He came and tore down the dividing wall of hostility that separated his special creation from God (Ro 8:34–39).
Jesus, thank you for tearing down that dividing wall between my Creator and me. Show me my purpose in this life and help me to accomplish it, starting today. Amen.
Taken from NIV The Jesus Bible

Shirley Anne

My country

English: Liverpool Waterfront at Sunrise - Dav...
Liverpool Waterfront at Sunrise – Dave Wood, Liverpool Pictorial Source: I created this work entirely by myself. Author: Scouserdave (talk) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t often speak about my country on this site but I want to just say a few words regarding it now. I was born here in the United Kingdom in the city of Liverpool just after the second World War. I was brought up in the traditional ways of our country, typical English ways and values, the ways and values of my parents and their parents before them. As I grew into adulthood I became aware of the changes which began subtly to erode those values though in fact they had already begun before I was born. Our country was being invaded by foreigners who came with their own traditions, practices and values and who only assimilated superficially. Well none of that mattered because their numbers were few and had little effect upon the population as a whole. These immigrants tended to live in their own communities and that meant to a great extent isolation from the native people of this land. Having said that, we as the native population did little to encourage integration and in some cases were even hostile to the newcomer which increased the separation. Today we have whole towns which have more or less been taken over by one ethnic community or another. The native population of this land are openly discouraged from entering certain areas, actually strongholds of the immigrant population. That can’t be right. If we are to get along with the immigrant effort should be made to break down the barriers. However, I am personally of the opinion that immigrant people should be encouraged to return to the countries of their ancestors. It isn’t racist, it isn’t religious, it is basic common sense. I relate the story in Scripture when The Lord instructed the Israelites to drive out all the people of the land He had given to them, present day Israel, though in those days it was much larger than it is today. The Lord warned them that the people that they allowed to remain would become a thorn in their side, a constant problem but they neglected to drive out all the people because they were a rebellious people. The result? They did become a thorn, an irritation and a problem. In a similar way the immigrant people of this land are in many ways an irritation. One group even aspire to take over the country, they becoming the majority and the native population becoming the minority. Don’t think that is likely? Think again, they are well on the way to representing ten percent of the population. Who are they? The Muslim population. There are others. Many will argue that my argument holds no water but therein lies the danger, keep your head in the sand, turn your face the other way and before you realise it is too late. I voted for ‘Brexit‘ basically for the same reason, I want my country back, a self-governing country which allows immigrants in as long as they assimilate and as long as we have control over their number. This country has been weakened by the attitude of many of its people who would promote open borders and allow an influx of foreigners the land cannot support to the detriment of the English people. We are capable of standing on our own two feet, we were doing just that before we entered the European community. We don’t need foreigners telling us how to run our own country. This is my country and I am proud of it and all it stands for.

Shirley Anne

Waiting again

Sue waiting
Sue waiting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No work scheduled for Monday morning so I hadn’t set my alarm, instead someone phoned me at 8.30 asking if I could do a job. I guess I wasn’t that far off waking up naturally and perhaps I should have been out of bed by then anyway. As it turned out the caller lived too far away and out of my capture area though the work itself would have been acceptable. I rose from my bed and got dressed. I ate a small breakfast and went into the rear garden to pick up some broken-off twigs and small branches that often fall from the huge lime tree in a neighbour’s garden. It was cold and foggy that early in the day but it soon cleared away. I decided to remain indoors and relax though I could have done more in digging out of bluebells. However what remains of them won’t take long to remove I suppose but I wanted a rest from it. I prepared a light lunch later but just as I was about to eat the first mouthful my mobile phone rang. It was a call from a male customer for whom I had worked a few times in the past though the last time was something like four years ago. His problem was a loss of electricity to most of the house circuits, lighting, power outlets and shower. A few power outlets were not affected as I discovered later when I called there. I finished or rather started to eat my lunch and drove to his house as soon as I had finished eating. The reason some of the outlets were unaffected was due to the fact that they were supplied from another distribution panel. The fault lay in the main panel and specifically inside the main switch. The neutral part of the switch had burned-out inside the switch but the live part was in order. It meant that although all the house circuits that were affected had a live supply to them nothing could work without having a neutral connected too. As an interim measure I had to by-pass the neutral side of the switch. The board was an old one, at least thirty years old, so obtaining a new main switch would prove difficult, if indeed it was possible. I advised the installation of a new board. Having a new board would bring the system up-to-date as well as making it compliant with current fire regulations as the housing would be of metal. The old board had a plastic housing. Of course it would be more expensive to replace the board. I told him there was no need to hurry getting the replacement as my temporary repair would last until he had the funds to hand. As it turned out he asked if I could do the work as soon as possible. That would be on Thursday the same week. I don’t need to wait long before someone calls for my help.

Shirley Anne

Bloomin’ bluebells!

It has been a few days since I did any more work in removing the bluebell bulbs and now growing plants in the rear garden. I had reached a spot just up to the little oak tree and there remained the area to its right and beyond though thankfully there seem to be only a few there. I have dug out around a dozen bulbs in the front right-hand flowerbed that had escaped filtering last year when I renovated the bed but as I write this I notice a few more beginning to show themselves. I am letting them grow just a little more so that I can locate them more easily when I dig them out within the next couple of days or weeks. Back to the rear garden though and here is the oak tree and the area beneath it and up to the stone markers I have placed in the soil which is now filtered. No doubt I will have missed some, hopefully few,long-flowerbed-9

I am thinking of moving or removing altogether the little small-leaved holly at the rear by the wall and just to the right of those markers. There is another one further along and to its right beyond the edge of the picture. I spent three hours on Sunday morning to reach this point. I have raised the supporting bamboo pole that supports the variegated holly shown in the next picture and it is now standing upright when once it lay at 45 degrees. It had been struggling to  reach daylight because of the trees that were there surrounding it. I removed those trees last year as a prelude to the current work of clearing out the flowerbed. Toward the other end of the bed in this picture is another variegated holly which had been suffering a similar fate until I cleared around it and gave it the support it needed. As you can see it is thriving and it is upright.long-flowerbed-8

It may be a day or two before I can resume working in the garden but at least much has been done and the majority of the bulbs have been removed through hard work and perseverance. As always,click on the pictures to magnify.

Shirley Anne

Glad I did

English: Inside an americium-based smoke detector
Inside an americium-based smoke detector (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Strange as it may seem considering the things I have mentioned about my sleeping patterns, tiredness and the fact I sometimes simply cannot rest as perhaps I should I was woken by my mobile phone on Saturday morning. I had been out throughout the previous afternoon visiting someone living about sixty miles away and didn’t return home until late and had been quite tired. I used to get calls on my house phone on Saturday mornings until I unplugged it. It remains at my bedside just in case I wish to use it but of course I would need to plug it in. I seldom do these days. Anyway the mobile phone wasn’t set to alarm as I usually set it during the working week to ensure I don’t sleep in. Well it was a call from a regular customer who asked if I could solve the problem she had with her smoke detector. I thanked her for being my alarm call for the day, explaining that I was still in bed. We laughed about that, she apologised and I told her she need not as it was after all approaching ten-thirty. I told her I would be there within two hours. Her house is only seven miles from home. I knew what the problem was a drained battery before seeing it so I purchased a replacement battery before driving there. Smoke detectors are often wired from the electricity supply but have a battery back-up. When the battery gets low on power it causes to unit to ‘bleep’ every few seconds so that the householder will know it requires changing. In most cases it is a very simple procedure, in this case I was hampered by the unit’s location on a sloping ceiling close to a wall. She couldn’t have done the work herself, she is totally not confident when it comes to practical things. I was at her house for about twenty minutes, mostly chatting and drinking coffee. It would be around eleven forty-five when I departed back home. I drove at a leisurely pace for I had nothing to look forward to at home. In cases like these I usually mull over things to determine what I will do as I drive along. Now a few days previous, Wednesday in fact, I wrote something about being missed at my local pub and on my departure bumping into a woman who came to my van and sat chatting for a few minutes. I felt embarrassed that I’d forgotten meeting her or remembering her name but she invited me to call sometime for a chat over a drink of coffee at her home. I said I would take her up on the offer. Well the time could not have been more opportunistic as I was at a loose end on Saturday on my way back home so I called at her address.

English: Logo of Glad Category:Logos of companies
Logo of Glad Category:Logos of companies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She lives a mere two hundred yards (metres) or so from my house. Fortunately she was at home and she welcomed me in. Her partner was still sleeping as he works till late away from home each day and had been very tired. Well it was Saturday and I knew how much he must have enjoyed the extra hours in bed. We sat in the lounge chatting away for a couple of hours before he rose from his sleep. Soon he was off to the pub for a couple of drinks with the lads there. His ‘local’ is the same as mine. Anyway we continued to chat, mostly about our own lives our families and our occupations but also other things. We talked about the Universe, Creation, God, Church and other things too. I was amazed at the fact that she was so interested in our topics of discussion, something I am not used to. In that short time, which actually ran to four hours, we became friends. I thanked her for her obvious friendship and she replied that she hoped it would grow. I wished the same. I could do with a good friend, one that I can rely on and who is trustworthy, one that hasn’t moved away to another part of the country and has broken contact and one who isn’t living in another country making it impossible to be as physically close to me as she would like, just as my dear friend living in New York is. I was glad I made the effort for what appears to be a promising friendship in the future.

Shirley Anne

Settling in

Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him
Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life at work is beginning to return to normal now for me and the work is starting to stream in. I am settling in to the new year after too much rest from the electrical side of my activity. I have been working though…..digging out unwanted plants!’ So far this year I haven’t turned down many requests though there have been a few. They are all small jobs of course , the sort many electrician’s do not take on board unless they happen to be available at the time. Most folk don’t want to wait too long for their work to be carried out and as many electricians are occupied in larger contracts I get to benefit from that. One other thing, or maybe two are that I am a woman and I also have many years experience in my work. I say these things because people who employ me tell me they employ me for those very reasons. Many older women also feel safer having a woman doing the work so I benefit in that way too. There is only one other female electrician as far as I know who operates in the same area and she is often out-of-town on large contracts. I know of only one other female electrician working in the general area but based in another town though I have not met her in person. So work has picked up. I write this on Friday afternoon whilst at the same time watching the inauguration of President Trump, a man I had doubts about when I first knew of his intentions after becoming president. Now I am not so sure about my first feelings. In any event we must allow the man to prove himself. After the ceremony and pomp he will be settling into his new role in the running of the affairs of the United States. I hope he will prove worthy of that role. We will have to wait and see.

Shirley Anne

Just like a kid

Just the way I feel sometimes but only after a busy day. I had been lamenting the fact that although I had taken a three-week break over the Christmas and New Year holiday I was getting bored with nothing much to do. Now that I have resumed work I find I am running about like a headless chicken! Gosh I have been busy lately but you won’t find me complaining, I thrive on it though sometimes I am glad for the rest in the evening when I am at home. Even then the phones are ringing up to and around nine o’clock on many occasions! I sometimes don’t know where I get the energy but it appears that the more I do the more I am capable of doing it. Just like a kid, full of energy but equally ready to slump on the sofa when I’m done. Today, Thursday, was one such day, busy throughout though not all at work. So I was so tired…………

Shirley Anne

I went back

Some Kind of Strange
Some Kind of Strange (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A strange day was Wednesday in that it was out of my usual routine. Work of course majored for most of the morning followed by a little shopping. Back home to change then off out to see a man friend for a couple of hours and returning home stopping off at my local pub before finally getting home in the early evening. The electrical work was to replace two existing outdoor light units with new LED floodlights, a job which could have taken up to two hours at worse and an hour or less at best. I had the good fortune to get the latter which meant I had more time for other things. I needed to get to the electrical supplier to replenish my van stock and then do some minor domestic shopping before returning home. I was back home at eleven o’clock to get changed. I gave the latest shoe purchase their first outing but as I had to drive quite a distance I also took a pair of flat-heeled shoes. In any event driving in high heels is not to be recommended because of the damage it would do to the shoes. It can also be very dangerous because of the difficulty it produces in controlling the pedals. Once I had arrived at my destination it was on with the high heels! I spent a couple of hours with my friend then I was heading back homeward for I had arranged to meet someone later for lunch. However that person couldn’t make it and I ended up dining alone. I could have simply dined at home instead but decided to eat alone because I was hungry as it was getting late in the afternoon. I didn’t stop long at the restaurant, who wants to sit alone after eating? I took the longer route home and at the last-minute turned off toward my local pub. For a short time I sat alone with a soft drink but was soon in company. A guy the same age as myself and whom I’ve known for a few years came over and sat with me. It was one of the best hours I have experienced there, and there have been many of those in the past. He was good company and we laughed and joked a lot. Because I haven’t visited the pub for months evidently it seems I had been missed for many came asking where I had been these last few months. Finally I wanted to get back home so made my way to the van but I was spotted by another acquaintance also wanting to know where I had been. This was a middle-aged woman who greeted me as if I were her greatest friend and I invited her to sit with me in the van whilst I changed my shoes. She told me she was envious of the heels. We chatted for a few minutes and she insisted I call to her house for coffee sometime with a view to going out together for the day perhaps. I said I would because I am always open to friendship and she lives only a couple of hundred metres from my house. I spent the rest of the day relaxing at home for there was more work to be done the following morning.

Shirley Anne

Not going my way but…

English: Bluebell wood
Bluebell wood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a free day on Tuesday and as the weather report looked promising I was determined to get into the garden and attempt to remove more of those pesky bluebell bulbs, Bluebells are nice to be sure but they spread like wild-fire and eventually will take over the whole garden if left. I am at the end of the main flowerbed but there are still hundreds of plants to dig out yet. As soon as I had finished breakfast and checked my email box I donned my overalls and boots and began the work. It wasn’t long before the weather changed from being dry to being misty with a very fine rain sporadically. I managed to dig out the area to the left of the little oak tree (see previous posts) but it was hard-going for many of the bulbs were beneath the tree roots and I had to dig deep. Using the fork helped but it snagged on the roots so most of the work had to be done with just the trowel. I lifted out around two hundred bulbs of various sizes many in clumps. My plan was to cease working before twelve o’clock and then go shopping in town for some new underwear, bras and pants. I wanted black ones as I had but few in that colour. Anyway I received a call asking if I would repair a couple of ceiling light fixtures in a little flat a couple of miles away. I had worked there before for the couple neither of whom shall we say are very bright and I have a little difficulty in explaining things to them. Don’t misunderstand me here, it is simply how they are. It is a medical condition. They are lovely people and I was only too happy to fix their lights. I would have to delay my shopping for a while. After packing away the garden tools I removed my overalls and boots and drove to their flat. I was there for an hour, though the work hadn’t taken me that long. Soon I was on my way back toward town to do my shopping. That means I find a parking place out of the meter zone and walk the rest of the way but it is only a half-mile or so. I went into the department store and found my way to the lingerie floor. I was spoilt for choice when I saw the bras on display, there seemed to be much more there than at my last visit a few weeks ago. I had difficulty in finding my size and colour among the racks but fortunately a member of staff was close-by to help. After explaining my requirements she found them in seconds and I took three different pairs (of bras) into the changing rooms to try them on. The first one was tight so I called the lady assistant who changed them for the next size up. The next three fitted perfectly so together we went to the check-out desk to carry out the purchase. Thinking I was purchasing only one the assistant asked which one to which I replied ‘all of them’. I purchased two packs of pants and briefs, that is five of each. They come in packs of five. I had been enjoying some cheerful banter with the assistant and during the conversation she complimented me on my complexion and when I mentioned my age she couldn’t believe it. Her friend had thought I was about fifty. How nice. I got back home mid-afternoon and didn’t bother with lunch and my evening meal was small. I seem to be eating far less these last few days and I feel better for it. Better still though I am losing pounds where it matters!

Shirley Anne