How to Get Ahead in Advertising
How to Get Ahead in Advertising (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Maybe should read How to get ahead without advertising!


My intentions over the Christmas and New Year period has varied somewhat over the years. Sometimes I would work whenever I was asked and just had the minimum of rest days and at other times I would take as much time as I could free from work. Over the past few years I have tended to work right up to Christmas Day and then not return to work until after the first week of the new year. This year I extended that until half-way through the second week by submitting my advertisement on 11th January, a Wednesday as that is the day the newspaper is distributed each week. However not all goes to plan in my life and despite not advertising I still get requests for my services. Usually they are from existing customers who have my card or details from my last visit. As my previous customers are many I can expect one or two calls at any time irrespective of my advertising or not. I’ve had a couple of requests already but have resisted the urge to do them though one I will have already done by the time you read this and there may be more. It is all about boredom and having something to do. I have just returned from answering the house telephone call I received when writing this post at the end of the last sentence! It was from a woman who had jotted down my details from an earlier copy of the newspaper and was asking if I did house rewires. After explaining why I no longer do rewires she asked what would be the cost of such work and I gave her a rough idea. That is one of a couple of requests I have had today, Wednesday, both of which I have declined. Though the other one had been a much smaller request I resisted the temptation to do it. If I get any more requests in the forthcoming week or so I doubt I’ll be able to resist so I’ll probably end up taking them on board. Though I have work to do in the gardens it has been very cold and frosty and therefore off-putting. Why should I be uncomfortable when it is unnecessary? The work can be done at another time.

Shirley Anne