A little bit

First thing Friday morning was slightly warmer than it had been on Thursday but I had a small job to do at nine o’clock about a mile from home. A regular customer had asked me a few days earlier if I could check out a faulty floodlight for her. Notwithstanding the fact that my intentions were not to resume work for a week or two I put that aside and went to see what the problem was. The floodlight was positioned over a passageway at the side of the house which meant it was slightly breezy. Spaces between buildings encourage air movement and always tend to be a little windy for that reason. Why is it that outside work is often called for when the weather is cold?   Windy and cold conditions are not ideal when working up a ladder to work on a floodlight. When I looked at the light it was apparent that water had gotten inside and had been short-circuiting the LED lamp. The unit shown is almost exactly the same as that I went to look at. The glass had water on its inside surface which meant the whole inside would be damp.floodlightThe unit was supposed to have a high waterproof rating so it was unusual for water to have found its way inside. I had it disconnected in minutes and then removed it from the bracket but had to go indoors for my fingers to warm up again. It took quite some time before I was able to resume the work. I fitted and connected a replacement unit and then returned inside once more to have a drink of coffee whilst it went through its start-up procedure. Having decided I had set it up correctly I returned and set it up for night operation. There was a pronounced change in the outside temperature and it was now quite warm with very little wind! I guess I should have waited an hour before starting the work but that is the way it goes sometimes. I was happy I had done the work after so many days rest from it. Now I am thinking I hope I’ll get more work before my intended date to return to work. Some habits die-hard, well for me they do.

Shirley Anne