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Sunlight and Shadow
Sunlight and Shadow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So there I was gazing out of the kitchen window again looking at a bright blue sky backdrop with sunshine lighting part of the rear garden. The whole sky was blue, no clouds anywhere on this first day of the year. Not all of the garden was in sunshine though because the sun was low in the sky. The house casts its shadow over a wide area as it does at this time in the year. I watched for a while as the long shadow of the garage slowly progressed along the side wall of the garden. The sunlit part of the wall above it  gradually grew larger until finally the rear wall was in sunlight until it reached the shadow of the house. A blackbird perched there for quite some time in the warming rays. That window of sunlight moved toward the right at the same time the sun began to set until all was in the shade once more. Since September I had been watching the progress of Sun as it approached December and the Winter Solstice and the shadows it cast growing longer day by day. After the Solstice those shadows are now beginning to shorten in length and every day more and more of the garden is getting the sunshine upon it. It will be June before the shadows are at their shortest and the whole garden will be in sunlight at some stage in the day. Sunday was a beautiful day though a little chilly too as we entered a period of wind direction from the north for a few days. I stayed at home all day and although I was tempted to do some gardening I decided against it. I need to dig out some plants before they get too large and difficult to remove but there’s still plenty of time for that. For now I am happy just gazing out of the window until the urge to do something takes over.

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