A good start

Well a start anyway. Having lounged about far too long doing very little I was determined to change all that and find something to do. It was now Monday and the second day of the new year and the weather was fine and sunny but I missed the first couple of hours through laying in bed too long. I woke up early enough at seven-thirty and maybe should have gotten up then but having that extra ten minutes often turns into a half-hour or more. This time it was over two hours more! I made the effort and dragged myself out of bed though it was still after eleven before I found myself eating a small breakfast. I waited a further half-hour before putting on a pair of overalls and boots, I was going to work in the rear garden. Collecting all the equipment necessary from the garage I started digging the soil in the long flowerbed which faces the rear of the house. I was after the bluebell and montbretia bulbs. Here is a picture taken a few months ago showing the right-hand side of that bed…  (Click on image to magnify)long-flowerbed-4 On the extreme right within the bed is a small oak tree (to the left of the tall holly at the end of another adjacent bed). From the right of that oak tree to the left of the bright green coloured evergreen shrub in the centre of the picture the ground is exposed and beneath the soil are literally hundreds of the said bulbs. Many are now beginning to sprout which makes them obviously easier to locate but many are very deep beneath the surface having had more soil dumped there during the summer. I had been working elsewhere in the garden and needed to remove soil at that time. Anyway I began to dig the bulbs out in the area between the variegated holly (right of centre) and the rhododendron shrub I had planted to its right a metre and a half or so away. In that small area I must have dug out two hundred bulbs if I dug out one! Most of them were bluebell bulbs with only a few montbretia. To the left of the holly it will be mostly montbretia and to the right of the rhododendron it will be mostly bluebell bulbs that I dig out. They will have to wait for another day, maybe tomorrow as I write this on Monday. After a couple of hours I’d had enough for the first working day of the year and went inside for a late lunch. I know there will be hundreds more bulbs yet to dig out but at least I had made a good start.

Shirley Anne