Another go

Two days ago my post was about starting work in the garden and carrying out some maintenance work. That maintenance referred to the removal of two plant varieties, that is their bulbs some of which had begun to sprout. As I mentioned in my previous post those bulbs were bluebell and montbretia neither of which we want in the garden because they grow profusely and take over any flowerbed they are in. I made a good start on Monday and now as I write this on Tuesday I have been able to do more work removing those bulbs. However, Tuesday had been much colder because of the wind so I spent far less time out there but still covered about the same amount of area. Here are two pictures showing a closer view than the one I posted yesterday. Click on images to magnify.long-flowerbed-6



Yesterday I filtered out the soil to the right of the holly tree and around the supporting cane of bamboo. Today I completed the area to the left of the holly tree.The two areas contained both bluebell and montbretia bulbs. There are now two main areas left to do. In the top picture to the right of the small rhododendron (right of centre) to just beyond the now leafless oak tree has the highest concentration of bluebell bulbs and I imagine will be the most difficult to filter. The second area shown in the bottom picture on the left between the two bushes has the highest concentration of montbretia bulbs some of which have already grown above the soil level. I imagine that area will be a little easier to filter. If the weather is fair I hope I will be able to get most of the work done during the remainder of the week. We shall see. If all goes well I propose to fit edging stone slabs at some point as I have done elsewhere in the garden.

Shirley Anne