So far so good

Working on your hands and knees for long periods isn’t good for anyone but sometimes it is the only way some jobs can be done. I have been working in the garden over the last couple of days digging out unwanted flower bulbs and there have been hundreds of them. It wouldn’t be so bad but for the fact that more soil had been placed in the flowerbed by myself last year which meant the bulbs were that much deeper to get at. It hasn’t been too bad however except where I have had to dig alongside a tree or shrub as there are more roots to negotiate. Standing up and using the gardening fork lifts much of the soil and then getting on my hands and knees enables me to then sift out the bulbs and dig deeper with a trowel. I think I have been wise to leave the work until now rather than having done it in Autumn because the bulbs have been growing beneath the ground and are therefore much easier to see. On Wednesday I was side-tracked a little because I had noticed a few sycamore seeds, easily seen by their wings, and decided to pick them up before they could sprout. Trouble was though that I ended up going around the lawn looking for others, and there were plenty of them. I collected about fifty but no doubt there will be a similar amount still remaining. I remember last Spring when I plucked out numerous infant sycamore trees that had started to grow in the lawn. It will be an annual event unless I don’t mind having a forest of sycamore trees as my back garden! After I had finished picking up those seeds I then had to begin pruning the trees around the area I was going to work in removing the bulbs. That took me some time as I pruned elsewhere whilst I had the opportunity. I had to fetch a ladder to get at some of the tree branches. At last I was able to get down to the bulb removal which wasn’t easy due to the surrounding trees and I only managed to do half of the area before I finally decided to stop for the day. It was mid-afternoon by then and I had been working for four hours. I planned to continue on Thursday but it would be Saturday before I could continue any further as Friday was forecast to be a rainy day. Now it was Thursday, a bitterly cold day but that wasn’t going to stop me continuing with the work. long-flowerbed-7

The picture shows the spot I had been working on both Wednesday and Thursday. The picture was taken after one o’clock just after I had cleared up. I had done four hours work in the cold temperature but the sunshine only reached the space after I had finished. Just my luck. There were a tremendous amount of montbretia bulbs and not quite as many bluebell bulbs which I removed together with a bucket load of stones. I am hoping I’ve got them all but somehow I doubt it. If there are any more they will soon show themselves in the coming weeks and I will remove them. The green wheelie bin was now full. After lunch I took the bin into the front garden where we store all the bins and exchanged it for the other one which was practically empty. I proceeded to cut up the branches I had lopped off the trees on Wednesday and put them in the bin, half-filling it in the process but they will compress. The remaining section of bed around the little oak tree now needs to be filtered and the bulbs there will be bluebells, hundreds of them…………it will keep me out of mischief on Saturday if all goes to plan.

Shirley Anne