First of the year

After a few days of dry weather it finally rained on Friday, all day in fact. That meant a break from gardening work but I knew that anyway as the forecast is generally accurate these days. With that in mind there was no need to get up early so I didn’t, this time is wasn’t accidental as it has been with me lately. If I have a reason to get up early I do it without any problem as I set the alarm but I have to add however that most of the time I wake up before it goes off! So it rained and there was nothing to do. I didn’t go anywhere, just stayed at home. How boring! Usually I find something to do and most probably there was something but I try to put off thinking about such things. It doesn’t work however and I get to thinking what I can do in the months ahead. Already I have a couple of plans in mind and if they materialise I’ll post something about them. When I am working I am happy and though sometimes I think about having a break when I get one all I think about is getting back to work. It’s not necessarily work which is the magnet, though I enjoy work, it is more having something to do. I often play my guitar at home but I couldn’t do that all day long. I read, though it has to be informative, it has to be anything but fiction, I deal in fact. Fiction is fine with me only if it is the theme of a movie. I watch television though I try not to watch too much of it. So Friday was the first day it rained both from the sky and on my parade. g-2I didn’t even get the chance to see the squirrel who has been a regular visitor to the garden lately. He/she lives in the huge ivy-covered lime tree over the wall in the rear garden (centre of picture) ¬†and is often found on that wall or in the garden itself. I suppose the rain is keeping him or her in the nest. The year is young and there will probably be more days like Friday………..I just hope they’ll be few. Probably the squirrel is thinking the same!

Shirley Anne