On my knees

After the rain on Friday i was expecting a dry day on Saturday but it was foggy throughout the day and very damp as a result. It wasn’t going to stop me from working in the garden continuing to remove bulbs from deep beneath the soil in the border. For four days, aside from Friday, I had spent quite some hours on my knees doing that work. All that remained was the last section up to and around the little oak tree that marks the end of the flowerbed as far as it is a flowerbed that is. Beyond that point there is still a border of sorts  as it turns toward the large greenhouse. The part I will call the ‘Corner bed‘ and I may do some work there later in the year. It is populated with four small trees and one giant sycamore that is probably fifty years old or more. The holly tree hides three of the small trees in this picture. The bed also has numerous plants in it which I think are iris’ or something similar. They might take some digging out but at the very least the small trees will get pruned. It will be the only part of the garden to be tidied up. A few years ago I laid the large sandstone slabs there to make an edging for the pathway which leads to the greenhouse door. You can see the arrangement in this picture taken just before the large greenhouse was erected at that time. (Click on image to magnify)pics-1005

The small oak tree now stands roughly at the point where the two pathways meet though in the rear bed of course. You can see the corner bed more clearly in this picture. Unfortunately I didn’t quite finish digging out the bulbs as I decided to finish for the day after four hours on my knees for the most part. There remains a half-metre or so of bed each side of the oak tree between the pathway and the rear wall to filter out yet, as of Saturday that is. Hopefully I shall finish removing the bulbs on Monday weather permitting.

Shirley Anne