A little bit weak

I Get Weak
I Get Weak (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Weak Moments of the Shadows
Weak Moments of the Shadows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I wrote in yesterday’s post, the weather has turned wet and a little windy too though tomorrow which will be Wednesday as I write, looks calmer but cooler too. There was as expected a dry slot around lunchtime yesterday so I thought I would put on some overalls and boots and begin to rake-off the top soil covering the remaining area where the bluebell bulbs still lie. After just two pulls with the rake quite a few bluebells appeared from beneath the covering. Some came out but most remained as the bulbs would be too deep to remove without digging. I managed only twenty minutes with the rake but I had removed quite a lot of soil despite that. I was however feeling very weak and exhausted, most unusual for me and I gave up on the idea of doing any more work. It was fast approaching lunchtime anyway but I wasn’t going to return after lunch, I’d had enough. As it turned out I think I was so weak because it felt as though the damp weather I had spent four hours working in on Saturday was having an effect upon me. Even though I was well-wrapped up and not feeling the cold at the time it made no difference. Whenever I have worked hard in the past and used muscles not used to continuous hard use I have found it takes a day or so before I feel the resulting effect. I must hold true for working in cold damp conditions and especially if that work was hard-going. We had been informed that Tuesday (today) would be better but the best days would be Wednesday and Friday so I decided to take a break until Wednesday and let myself rest. My problem is I get restless and seeing work that needs to be done not getting done I am keen to get on with it. I have to remind myself that, ‘Hey Shirley Anne you’re not a machine and you’re not as young as you might feel you are so take it easy!’

Shirley Anne