Was I ready?

English: bulbs
Bulbs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wasn’t really feeling up to doing much on Monday and having gone into the garden to rake-off some soil to make access to the buried plant bulbs I am in the process of removing┬ájust that little bit easier I gave up after only twenty minutes! Later that evening I receive a request for my electrical services for the first time in the year. I had withdrawn my advertisement the week before Christmas and the next time it was to be posted again would be on Wednesday just passed. The call was from one of my regular customers who wanted a few small jobs doing. I agreed to call there the next day, Tuesday, but at the time of his call I wasn’t quite sure I would be feeling up to it. I need not have been concerned because I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling much better. On my arrival at his house I was shown the work he wanted me to do and it was more than he had indicated over the phone. I was a little annoyed at that especially as he knew I only take on small jobs these days. Having said that we agreed I should call again the following week to do the less important tasks he had asked me to do. Even so I was at the house for five hours doing the work. I was paid for the work I’d done and would do the rest the following Monday, the next day he or someone else would be available to let me in. As it was there were four people in the house on Tuesday. I made a detour to the electrical supplier on my way back home to purchase the extra materials I would need for the other work. E was out when I arrived home at two o’clock. I only knew that because the gate to her garage (the one she uses) had been left open. Meanwhile I parked the van in the other garage and was about to go into the house when I noticed or was reminded that there were a couple of bluebells emerging from one of the flowerbeds. This flowerbed was the first of two in the front garden I had stripped bare of its original plants last Spring and started over with new ones whilst at the same time filtering out bulbs and weeds. I hadn’t succeeded in removing all the bluebell bulbs as I thought I might have done but now I could see where they were. I returned to the garage and collected the kneeling stool and trowel and began digging out the bulbs. It didn’t take too long and then I was able to finally go indoors for my belated lunch. I am hoping there will be no further bulbs to remove from the front flowerbeds. Time will tell.

Shirley Anne