Remember this sweet song?

One of my favourites in the day and still is. It invokes many nice memories and I am drawn to tears whenever I listen to it. Guess I’m just a hopeless romantic……


Shirley Anne


So nice …..but

English: Windy Day at Wispington Evidence of s...
Windy Day at Wispington Evidence of strong westerly winds on the bales and the sign to Hall Farm, Wispington! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had the pleasure of an extra hour or two in bed on Wednesday. Recently I had been sleeping in occasionally when I ought not to have done, upsetting my plans for the day to some extent and feeling guilty about it. Knowing I had no electrical work scheduled for the day I could, if I wished, occupy myself in the garden, and that was exactly my wish. There was no hurry, there never is now for me, my time is essentially my own, I can do what I like in it. My life has become a balance between my electrical work which I try to keep to a minimum and time for myself to do with as I please. Currently my wish is to finish off digging out bluebell bulbs. Wednesday was a nice day and sunny for the most part, an ideal day for digging in the garden as long as I stayed indoors! Yes, when I first looked out of my bedroom window I thought I would be able to carry on with the work but when I actually went outside my mind was changed in an instant. It was extremely windy, look what the wind did to the bales of hay in the picture. I knew it was going to be windy as I had taken down the flag the evening before for a day or two until the forecast high winds had passed but had thought those winds would only start to become strong later in the day. As it happened it did get more windy later but even in the morning those winds were already strong and they were getting stronger. No chance then of working outside unless I wanted to feel very uncomfortable and then suffer for it the next day. All my plans therefore were up in the air and at the mercy of the weather. If it isn’t windy around here it is often wet or cold, or all three together at this time of year so it can be difficult to do the things I wish to do outdoors. As I write this on Wednesday afternoon I cannot say with any certainty when I shall be able to get back into the garden. So far today I have done very little except for one or two minor repairs indoors. My electrical work might pick up now that the advert is running once more.

Shirley Anne