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Not Enough Rope
Not Enough Rope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had electrical work to do on Thursday so I made sure I was up early from bed. My first job was not until ten o’clock and I had plenty of time to hand after breakfast before I needed to make my way there. In the meantime I decided to return the flag to its pole now that the storm-force winds had died down. The problem with the flag is getting it to hang from the guide rope without there being any weight attached to the flag by the weight which is supplied for the guide rope to keep it taut. The flag has a toggle at the top which is supposed to pass through an eyelet in the guide rope but the bottom of the flag only has a length of rope attached to it with no instructions as to how to tie it off. The proper set-up I think should be a guide rope that has two eyelets attached to it into which toggles attached to the flag can pass through them. The guide rope can then be attached to the weight whilst the flag is only attached to the guide rope and not the weight. The guide rope therefore has to be knotted in two places to form the two eyelets and the end of the rope will be fixed to the weight. This would make the flag easy to attach and remove when needed. 1222Every time I have raised the flag I have tried to think of the best way to do it so that the flag isn’t put under any strain. So on Thursday I decided to make the necessary adjustments to form two eyelets in the guide rope at the correct distance apart then attach the weight. If the flag had been supplied with two toggles it would be very simple to attach but as I said only one is fitted. That meant I had to make the bottom connection just using the rope that is attached to the bottom of the flag. It all sounds complicated but it isn’t, it is just a pain in the proverbial having to think of ways to do it properly given that the system is poorly designed. At least now it will be easier to attach and remove the flag when we need to. I thought it was only certain items of electrical equipment¬†which were poorly designed. It was time to go to work, installing an extra floodlight at the side of the customer’s house. Although the area was under cover it was open at one end and where it met the adjacent garage roof along its length. That meant it wasn’t as warm as I had been led to believe, in fact it was bitterly cold. Just my luck. After almost two hours I was driving to the second job a few miles away to an elderly lady who wasn’t enjoying the best of health and who had put up with not having any lights working in her apartment since Boxing Day. Nobody it seems could find the distribution panel in order to check the circuit breakers. I had trouble myself in locating it. It was situated in an extension building remote from the apartment! I saw what the problem was immediately, one of the breakers had tripped or had possibly been turned off accidentally by person or persons unknown as they say. Even her care workers couldn’t find the panel but I found it odd that the problem had been left for almost three weeks before someone called me to go and have a look. As fortune would have it a new neighbour called and I explained everything to her so that she could be of assistance if the problem returns. Now I was off again to the third job which was in the direction of home but this time only to survey it, not to do it. The guy wanted two existing outside lights replacing but would only be available at home the following week. It suited me and I drove off to the electrical supplier to purchase what would be required when I return.
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However I made a detour first of all to the service station where I have my van checked and booked a day at the end of February for a service and an MOT test. Yes, it is that time of year again for my annual MOT on the van, insurance renewal, excise duty (used to be called road fund licence) and breakdown recovery fees with The AA (Automobile Association). Spend, spend, spend…….now you know why I still work…..LOL

Later and after a snack at home I went on-line and purchased another pair of high-heeled court shoes (sneakers I think my friends in the US call them). Well I have to treat myself once in a while!

Shirley Anne