Waiting for a break

If there is anything in life I dislike the most it is waiting. I dislike waiting for anything but of course I am not going to break out in a fit of rage because I have been kept waiting, no, I have learnt to be patient. There are things in life we can control and there are things of which we have no control over. It is a wise person who can discern which is which and not get upset if something causes them to wait. Having said that I have learnt to be patient, it is usually in relation to things I know I cannot change. Once in a while though I get surprises, not expecting something to happen immediately then discovering it happened sooner. I like those kinds of surprises. It was only yesterday (see yesterday’s post), Thursday, that I placed an order on-line for a pair of high-heeled stiletto shoes as a treat for myself.pics-462 It isn’t that I don’t have any high-heeled stiletto shoes, I do, in fact quite a few. You could say that I have a ‘thing’ about owning high-heeled stiletto shoes and you would be right, I just love wearing them. This pair are not quite as high as some I already own but they will be slightly more comfortable to walk in at four and a half inches (about eleven and a half cm). Once it was that I couldn’t walk past a shoe shop in the high street without seeing a pair I liked and then went in to buy them. Anyway I received an email from the company with whom I had placed the order letting me know that I could expect the delivery of the shoes within three days. An hour later a guy turned up at the door with my package! Yes they fitted and I wore them for a short time just to make sure, well actually I just wanted to wear high-heels. That experience, being surprised and not having to wait could not be applied to my current garden project in removing those bluebell bulbs. There are still plenty of them to dig out and all was going well until the weather turned nasty when I had to start playing the waiting game for an opportunity to resume. It is Friday as I write this but it will be Wednesday before you read it. The weather is forecast to improve and may well have done so by now but I am not sure if as I write I can say that I had the opportunity to carry on with the work. It is the kind of waiting I have no control over.

Shirley Anne