Not going my way but…

English: Bluebell wood
Bluebell wood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a free day on Tuesday and as the weather report looked promising I was determined to get into the garden and attempt to remove more of those pesky bluebell bulbs, Bluebells are nice to be sure but they spread like wild-fire and eventually will take over the whole garden if left. I am at the end of the main flowerbed but there are still hundreds of plants to dig out yet. As soon as I had finished breakfast and checked my email box I donned my overalls and boots and began the work. It wasn’t long before the weather changed from being dry to being misty with a very fine rain sporadically. I managed to dig out the area to the left of the little oak tree (see previous posts) but it was hard-going for many of the bulbs were beneath the tree roots and I had to dig deep. Using the fork helped but it snagged on the roots so most of the work had to be done with just the trowel. I lifted out around two hundred bulbs of various sizes many in clumps. My plan was to cease working before twelve o’clock and then go shopping in town for some new underwear, bras and pants. I wanted black ones as I had but few in that colour. Anyway I received a call asking if I would repair a couple of ceiling light fixtures in a little flat a couple of miles away. I had worked there before for the couple neither of whom shall we say are very bright and I have a little difficulty in explaining things to them. Don’t misunderstand me here, it is simply how they are. It is a medical condition. They are lovely people and I was only too happy to fix their lights. I would have to delay my shopping for a while. After packing away the garden tools I removed my overalls and boots and drove to their flat. I was there for an hour, though the work hadn’t taken me that long. Soon I was on my way back toward town to do my shopping. That means I find a parking place out of the meter zone and walk the rest of the way but it is only a half-mile or so. I went into the department store and found my way to the lingerie floor. I was spoilt for choice when I saw the bras on display, there seemed to be much more there than at my last visit a few weeks ago. I had difficulty in finding my size and colour among the racks but fortunately a member of staff was close-by to help. After explaining my requirements she found them in seconds and I took three different pairs (of bras) into the changing rooms to try them on. The first one was tight so I called the lady assistant who changed them for the next size up. The next three fitted perfectly so together we went to the check-out desk to carry out the purchase. Thinking I was purchasing only one the assistant asked which one to which I replied ‘all of them’. I purchased two packs of pants and briefs, that is five of each. They come in packs of five. I had been enjoying some cheerful banter with the assistant and during the conversation she complimented me on my complexion and when I mentioned my age she couldn’t believe it. Her friend had thought I was about fifty. How nice. I got back home mid-afternoon and didn’t bother with lunch and my evening meal was small. I seem to be eating far less these last few days and I feel better for it. Better still though I am losing pounds where it matters!

Shirley Anne