Glad I did

English: Inside an americium-based smoke detector
Inside an americium-based smoke detector (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Strange as it may seem considering the things I have mentioned about my sleeping patterns, tiredness and the fact I sometimes simply cannot rest as perhaps I should I was woken by my mobile phone on Saturday morning. I had been out throughout the previous afternoon visiting someone living about sixty miles away and didn’t return home until late and had been quite tired. I used to get calls on my house phone on Saturday mornings until I unplugged it. It remains at my bedside just in case I wish to use it but of course I would need to plug it in. I seldom do these days. Anyway the mobile phone wasn’t set to alarm as I usually set it during the working week to ensure I don’t sleep in. Well it was a call from a regular customer who asked if I could solve the problem she had with her smoke detector. I thanked her for being my alarm call for the day, explaining that I was still in bed. We laughed about that, she apologised and I told her she need not as it was after all approaching ten-thirty. I told her I would be there within two hours. Her house is only seven miles from home. I knew what the problem was a drained battery before seeing it so I purchased a replacement battery before driving there. Smoke detectors are often wired from the electricity supply but have a battery back-up. When the battery gets low on power it causes to unit to ‘bleep’ every few seconds so that the householder will know it requires changing. In most cases it is a very simple procedure, in this case I was hampered by the unit’s location on a sloping ceiling close to a wall. She couldn’t have done the work herself, she is totally not confident when it comes to practical things. I was at her house for about twenty minutes, mostly chatting and drinking coffee. It would be around eleven forty-five when I departed back home. I drove at a leisurely pace for I had nothing to look forward to at home. In cases like these I usually mull over things to determine what I will do as I drive along. Now a few days previous, Wednesday in fact, I wrote something about being missed at my local pub and on my departure bumping into a woman who came to my van and sat chatting for a few minutes. I felt embarrassed that I’d forgotten meeting her or remembering her name but she invited me to call sometime for a chat over a drink of coffee at her home. I said I would take her up on the offer. Well the time could not have been more opportunistic as I was at a loose end on Saturday on my way back home so I called at her address.

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Logo of Glad Category:Logos of companies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She lives a mere two hundred yards (metres) or so from my house. Fortunately she was at home and she welcomed me in. Her partner was still sleeping as he works till late away from home each day and had been very tired. Well it was Saturday and I knew how much he must have enjoyed the extra hours in bed. We sat in the lounge chatting away for a couple of hours before he rose from his sleep. Soon he was off to the pub for a couple of drinks with the lads there. His ‘local’ is the same as mine. Anyway we continued to chat, mostly about our own lives our families and our occupations but also other things. We talked about the Universe, Creation, God, Church and other things too. I was amazed at the fact that she was so interested in our topics of discussion, something I am not used to. In that short time, which actually ran to four hours, we became friends. I thanked her for her obvious friendship and she replied that she hoped it would grow. I wished the same. I could do with a good friend, one that I can rely on and who is trustworthy, one that hasn’t moved away to another part of the country and has broken contact and one who isn’t living in another country making it impossible to be as physically close to me as she would like, just as my dear friend living in New York is. I was glad I made the effort for what appears to be a promising friendship in the future.

Shirley Anne