My country

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Liverpool Waterfront at Sunrise – Dave Wood, Liverpool Pictorial Source: I created this work entirely by myself. Author: Scouserdave (talk) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t often speak about my country on this site but I want to just say a few words regarding it now. I was born here in the United Kingdom in the city of Liverpool just after the second World War. I was brought up in the traditional ways of our country, typical English ways and values, the ways and values of my parents and their parents before them. As I grew into adulthood I became aware of the changes which began subtly to erode those values though in fact they had already begun before I was born. Our country was being invaded by foreigners who came with their own traditions, practices and values and who only assimilated superficially. Well none of that mattered because their numbers were few and had little effect upon the population as a whole. These immigrants tended to live in their own communities and that meant to a great extent isolation from the native people of this land. Having said that, we as the native population did little to encourage integration and in some cases were even hostile to the newcomer which increased the separation. Today we have whole towns which have more or less been taken over by one ethnic community or another. The native population of this land are openly discouraged from entering certain areas, actually strongholds of the immigrant population. That can’t be right. If we are to get along with the immigrant effort should be made to break down the barriers. However, I am personally of the opinion that immigrant people should be encouraged to return to the countries of their ancestors. It isn’t racist, it isn’t religious, it is basic common sense. I relate the story in Scripture when The Lord instructed the Israelites to drive out all the people of the land He had given to them, present day Israel, though in those days it was much larger than it is today. The Lord warned them that the people that they allowed to remain would become a thorn in their side, a constant problem but they neglected to drive out all the people because they were a rebellious people. The result? They did become a thorn, an irritation and a problem. In a similar way the immigrant people of this land are in many ways an irritation. One group even aspire to take over the country, they becoming the majority and the native population becoming the minority. Don’t think that is likely? Think again, they are well on the way to representing ten percent of the population. Who are they? The Muslim population. There are others. Many will argue that my argument holds no water but therein lies the danger, keep your head in the sand, turn your face the other way and before you realise it is too late. I voted for ‘Brexit‘ basically for the same reason, I want my country back, a self-governing country which allows immigrants in as long as they assimilate and as long as we have control over their number. This country has been weakened by the attitude of many of its people who would promote open borders and allow an influx of foreigners the land cannot support to the detriment of the English people. We are capable of standing on our own two feet, we were doing just that before we entered the European community. We don’t need foreigners telling us how to run our own country. This is my country and I am proud of it and all it stands for.

Shirley Anne