Light duties!

woman wearing silky nylon-stockings
Woman wearing silky nylon-stockings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The job I had ideas of going on to following my work on Thursday I actually did on Friday. I had thought the better of it and decided I didn’t want to work all day as I keep promising myself. As it turned out the work on Friday took longer than I thought it might. It was to install four replacement ceiling fittings and carry out repairs to a wall switch’s fixings. Usually this work I would have completed in say an hour and a half but I was there for twice that time. All four fittings had proved difficult and two of them required alterations before I could install them. Two other things served to prolong the work, one was that the woman in the house wanted to chat too much which proved somewhat of a distraction and she was very meticulous in ensuring that everything and I mean everything had to be covered before I could do anything. I understood why she was being so fussy. She had recently finished decorating the whole house and had new carpets everywhere but not dark-coloured, they were all of a cream colour and would easily stain or show any dirt upon them. When I walked through the front door I immediately removed my shoes even before she spoke. She offered me a pair of slip-on slippers to use but I found them difficult when climbing the step-ladder so I opted to walk about bare-footed except for my nylon stockings. At first I though she was simply protecting her new carpets but it turned out she was protecting everything in the house, the tables and chairs too! I think she was relieved that I was treating her possessions and furnishings with respect as I do in anyone’s house in which I am working. Even so I thought she was being over-protective. When it came to the wall switch I could sense her uneasiness as I began to repair it. The problem was more with the metal box sunk into the plaster and bricks which lacked any fixing screw holes by which the switch is secured. Although the wiring was relatively new (within the last twenty years or so) whoever had done it hadn’t installed a new metal box and the old one dating to around fifty or more years ago could not accommodate a modern switch without a special internal bracket which was missing. Fortunately I could use one of the box’s pre-screwed holes in its base and fix the other side of the switch by drilling the wall alongside the switch box and securing it with a wall plug and screw. The alternative would have been to remove the old box and fit a new one but that would have made a terrible mess of the decorations in the process. Her relieved expression after she had seen my handiwork was priceless. There was not the slightest mess to be seen and her decorations had been left intact. The truth of the matter is she should have had the electrical work done before decorating and laying new carpets. Now she wants me to do other work at a later date. I must be doing something right!

Shirley Anne