Out and about

lulworth-road-21It was quite pleasant on Sunday morning and I decided to go for a short walk. I had gotten up around eight o’clock but didn’t get downstairs until nine-thirty. After a breakfast of fruit I thought I would prepare a vegetable and chicken stew. I say vegetable and chicken rather than chicken and vegetable because the stews I make consist mainly of vegetables. It would be enough for two meals meaning I wouldn’t need to cook a main meal the next day. Leaving it to stand after it had cooked I went out for a walk. I wasn’t sure how far I would go, I most often decide that once I am out. This time I had a feeling it wouldn’t be too far. I was stopped by a lady after I had gone a half-mile and we chatted. I hadn’t met her before, she was a complete stranger but we talked for around ten minutes as if we’d known each other for years! We parted company and went our separate ways. I walked another mile and a half I guess before returning back home. I walked close-by my local pub at around twelve-fifteen and already the car park was full. I mentioned this in yesterday’s post. The pub has become so popular it is sometimes difficult to park there at times. In the warmer months, unless I am wearing heels I tend to walk there when I visit. I suppose I could have popped in but I was out for a walk and wasn’t carrying a purse. I went home instead. It had been a short walk though it might have been longer had I not been stopped. Usually I just plod on with no interruptions and I end up going further. Anyway I returned home and had another afternoon resting. I ate some of the stew for lunch followed by a slice of the apple pie I had cooked before Christmas, obviously defrosted of course.

Shirley Anne