Back-breaking work

Wednesday proved to be a fine and sunny day and much warmer than of late. I set my alarm to rise before seven o’clock but as usual for me when I do that I woke up just after six! After my prayer session I changed things around by going downstairs for breakfast before I washed and dressed. I did that because I intended to go straight into the garden once I returned downstairs and knowing I would need the toilet after eating breakfast beforehand. There is nothing worse than donning my overalls, boots and gloves only to need the toilet soon afterward! I was in the garden before eight o’clock to resume the mammoth task of digging out those bluebell bulbs. First though I decided to dig out a couple of Montbretia¬†plants that were in the bed next to the patio, a couple I’d obviously missed digging out last year when I worked in the bed removing vast quantities of them. I moved to ‘The Mound’ (use search box over on the right) and began digging out several bluebell bulbs that had emerged from beneath the soil and in the front of one of the trees there I think I dug out around fifty just in the one spot! The tree is the slim one nearest the front just left of the green shrub.the-mound No doubt others will show themselves soon. Anyway after spending some time there I moved over to the long flowerbed (the other end of the one I have been working in removing bulbs for the last few weeks) near to the Mound to dig out several more from the same spot I had worked only three weeks ago. long-flowerbed-10It pays to wait for them to show. I moved along the flowerbed and dug out many more bulbs from beneath the holly tree and the bushes growing there. I finally came to the spot where I had first begun to dig out Montbretia in the centre part of the flowerbed and discovered more growing there. Is there no end to them? The sad part is I know there will be more to dig out as the weather gets warmer but they should only be few (she says hopefully). In the process of digging out some bulbs behind one of the bushes I removed a new shoot of that bush and put it in the bed further toward the little oak tree to begin filling-in the bare spaces. It is the green plant just right of centre by the wall.long-flowerbed-14 At last I was beneath the tall tree growing beyond the oak and removed quite a few bulbs from there. It is the tree with two trunks in the centre of the picture.long-flowerbed-12 As I move further toward the greenhouse there are fewer bulbs left to dig out, that is bluebell bulbs for there are other plants growing in the general area which I am thinking of digging out too. Here is a picture of the area…long-flowerbed-13

In the spot just to the right of the green wheelie bin there remains a few more bluebell bulbs to remove as I write this late Wednesday afternoon and the right half of the picture shows the ground riddled with montbretia plants and some iris’s nearer to the large sycamore trunk at the top of the picture on the right. The iris’s haven’t as yet poked their way out of the soil but they are there. I have decided to remove all the montbretia when I get the time and perhaps the iris’s if I’ve a mind to. By the time I had finished the work for the day and tidied up it was twelve-thirty. I had been working over four and a half hours without a break. I have reached that point whereby the wheelie bins need emptying but that won’t be until the beginning of March. I will have to resort to bags for temporary storage in the meantime. I said there would be thousands of bulbs and if I said five or six thousand I guess I wouldn’t be far off. I’ll be glad if I never see another bluebell or montbretia plant. I’ve had enough of them. I treated myself to another pub lunch to round-off the working day.

Shirley Anne