Three times

Three Times
Three Times (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although I hadn’t any work scheduled I deliberately arose early on Thursday morning. I’d had a couple of calls on Wednesday neither of which I learned about until late in the day as my phone provider hadn’t forwarded the messages immediately. One of the callers had been a woman I had worked for quite recently but she hadn’t left enough information in the message for me to contact her. I waited in case she might have called the house phone and leave a message there but she didn’t call again until later on Thursday, just after I had finished the first job. The caller at that first location had also called on Wednesday but again didn’t leave enough information and when I called her number on Thursday morning it was constantly engaged. When I did finally get through it was a long time before she answered and I thought she had gone out. She did answer eventually and explained what she wanted. In fact she ended up handing the phone to her husband because she couldn’t explain properly. I had worked at their house some three years ago and must have made a good impression. The work was to replace two flood lights, a three-gang lighting switch  (three switches on the same plate) and alter the wiring to enable two lights to operate together. All very simple but it paid well. They want me to return in the near future to do more work. When I had finished it was one-thirty and I had missed lunch. I drove the eight miles back to the second job which was to install an extra power outlet. It didn’t take long but it had added over an hour more without any sustenance. I had to pay a visit to the electrical supplier to replenish stock then on to the filling station for fuel. At last I could eat but it wasn’t going to be at home as it was by then three-thirty, I dined out for the third time in the week at my local pub instead. Then I went home. E had gone out very early at around eight o’clock and didn’t return home until the evening. I was  six o’clock and I was just about to enjoy a cup of coffee when someone called the house phone. She lived in the town I had been working in during the morning! Her problem was a faulty downstairs lighting circuit. I would call there on Friday morning to hopefully sort it out. One thing is certain, I will never be short of work if I want it.

Shirley Anne