I don’t often work on  Saturday and even less so on a Sunday and for Sundays only in emergency situations. I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I would be getting the weekend free of work but later in the evening someone called to ask if I would fit a replacement ceiling light. As my van would be in for a service and MOT test on Monday and she wanted the work doing as soon as possible I offered to do it on Saturday morning. It wouldn’t take long for me to do the work and I wouldn’t be doing anything special on Saturday morning anyway. Her house is something like twelve miles away, a nice little journey across country and one that I took slowly as I like to do when I’ve the chance. Sometimes we have to go with the flow so to speak and that is often at a faster pace because of the traffic we have to drive in. There was hardly a soul on the roads in front of me so I could take my time. When the lady had called me it came about in the conversation that I was feeling a little tired after the day’s work digging out bluebells. She asked if she could have some. Well everyone is different so I took a large bag of the said bluebell bulbs with me to give to her. She could have had the lot if she felt so inclined! She told me she wanted to fill the flowerbeds with them and wondered if there would be enough. I had taken a few hundred bulbs to give to her and explained that they would multiply and end up growing everywhere but she wasn’t put off by the fact. It takes all sorts I suppose.chandelier-201918__340 Fitting the light was no problem in itself but the house wiring was lacking in length and made connecting difficult. I had to fit a short length of flexible cable to the light before I could install it but that is sometimes the case. It is annoying to me when other electricians leave so little slack in the wiring when they do the installation, a few extra centimetres makes all the difference. I was asked if I could replace a broken wall power outlet up in one of the bedrooms. twin-socketThat was simple enough, a five-minute job which I duly did for her and was soon on my way back home with some extra cash in my purse. Much better than sitting around doing nothing and I get paid too!

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