No thanks

No-spam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many times have you received unsolicited mail whether paper or electronic? Telephone calls from unknown callers? I’ll wager many and if you are anything like me you are probably fed up with it all. It is easy to throw away unsolicited paper mail and just as easy to delete emails. Telephone calls are a nuisance and the only solutions are hang-up, block (if it is possible) or simply don’t answer. All are an inconvenience and as far as I am concerned an intrusion. Many years ago I realised that advertising, aside from it being necessary for promoting business, was also becoming a nuisance in the way it was being thrust upon us. In today’s world it has become increasingly aggressive too. I remember years ago being encouraged to make savings by buying certain brands over others or encouraging me to save money by taking up special offers. ‘Save 10, 15 even 20% by buying our goods’ is a frequently used phrase in the advertising world. My answer to that one is that I can make even more in the way of saving, 100% ! Why would I want to make a saving of 20% when I can make one of 100% ? In other words, I am not interested. I am disinterested in the majority of advertising that comes my way no matter which form it takes. Too much advertising produces a negative response. My attitude had always been and will always remain, if I didn’t ask for it I don’t want it! My recycle bins get full very quickly. Unwanted and unsolicited phone calls have the sender’s number listed on my phone as ‘Spam’, Spam 1, Spam 2 and so on so that each time they call I can see who it is and ignore them. If I could block them I would. Presently there are nineteen of them on my mobile phone. If by chance an unsolicited call comes through on the house phone and I answer I immediately hang up once I realise it is an unsolicited call. My house phone isn’t listed in the directory and even has a block on it but still some calls get through now and then. Life it seems is a battle with advertising companies but one I will engage in if that’s what it takes. For me it is all spam………..

Shirley Anne