Too hard

I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and have done so for many years. Typically I will have nine or ten portions every day and sometimes more than that. Although I eat fresh fruit  and vegetables I also eat those which have been frozen or canned. For fruit I may mix both in a bowl and top them with cream or ice cream. It was Saturday afternoon and I was about to have some mixed fruit topped with ice cream. I had taken the ice cream carton out of the freezer for a scoop or two but found it as hard as nails! Usually, because it is a soft ice cream, it is fairly soft even when frozen and easy to scoop out. Using a hammer and chisel would even have been difficult. I had pouring cream on my fruit instead. I had to investigate why the ice cream was so hard. fridgemaster_mc55244d_si_01_m_pIt transpired that the freezer wasn’t under control and just kept running thereby super-freezing the food. Last year I had an engineer in to check out the freezer under guarantee and for a time all was fine but a few months later the problem returned. The unit is well beyond its guarantee so any repairs would have to be paid for. What I did learn was one, the temperature sensor had been loose at the last repair and two, there was a possibility that the defrosting heater was faulty. If the latter were true it would mean a completely new fridge-freezer! How ridiculous is that? That is modern design for you and I come across similar things in some of the equipment I am involved in installing as an electrician. I fear the fridge-freezer has a faulty defrost heater. As the heater cannot be seen nor its connections be found it is impossible to replace it. The engineer informed me as such. So then it appears I will have to buy yet another fridge-freezer if I find my restitution attempts are only temporary. I had to remove the internal panel, break off the huge block of ice that had formed, secure the sensor and check out the fan. The unit is back in service but for how long? I may buy a new unit to replace that which is presently in the kitchen and put that one in the dining area where the possibly faulty one now stands. In any event I think it will be a case of buying a new unit unless we decide one is enough. All I wanted was some ice cream!

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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