So cold

109The UK has a peculiar weather system though it has to be said that the weather often varies for each country and in different parts of those countries. For a small land mass the weather can vary enormously from one end to the other. It is all to do with location of course and it could be much worse if it were not for the Gulf Stream sending warm water from The Caribbean. There were some hailstones on the roof beneath my bedroom window though there were none on the grass as in the picture above taken a couple of years ago around about the same time of year. That said the weather hasn’t been too bad considering it is still Winter even though, as far as the Meteorological Office is concerned, Winter ended on March 1st. Winter really ends at the Spring Equinox on March 21st. So one day may be warm and pleasant in these parts at this time of year then the next day it is bitterly cold as it was on Tuesday. I had to walk into an area close towards the town centre to carry out some business and when I set off from home it felt cold. I was suitably wrapped-up though and a little cold weather wasn’t enough to stop me from going for a walk. It was a wet day too with occasional light rain and I had to fold the umbrella a few times in between the showers. Nothing feels so silly as walking along with the umbrella up and it has stopped raining! I did feel the cold though as I had forgotten to take along a pair of gloves. I had to keep swapping the umbrella between hands putting one in my pocket to keep it warm. Ah, UK weather. In a few week’s time it will be warmer and all the cold weather will be forgotten. I had a day to myself and for the first time wasn’t digging out bluebells for a change, not that I could have spent much time in the garden between the rain showers. I knew there would be some popping up here and there eventually and I would have to deal with them so it was nice to get a break from that for a day at least. I received a few calls for my electrical services though I rejected all but one of them. That one I arranged to do on Friday. It is odd that I still get offers of work even when I don’t advertise as was the case this week.

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