Thought I’d finished

My readers will be well aware by now of my struggles in digging out the unwanted bluebells and to a lesser extent the montbretia plants in my gardens front and rear. I began the work at the beginning of the year and even before then I had done some of that work. In fact I remember doing some work on 25th December as celebrations on Christmas day for me are a non-event. Anyway it had been over two months basically doing the work and I was happy that I could look forward to just maintaining the status quo. Alas on Friday I noticed an area I hadn’t even thought about which had a few bluebells in it and many montbretia too. I wasn’t fussed about the montbretia for we have quite a lot of it in the front garden. It is easier to control and it doesn’t look out-of-place where we have it. The bluebells however I wanted rid of. This is the area, the border alongside the drive to the left of the house.No 3 Flowerbed 2

The picture doesn’t show the bluebells but the montbretia is easily seen beneath the bushes next to the wall on the right. The montbretia is kept in check simply by grabbing a handful of leaves and gently pulling them out but the bluebells require digging out to remove the bulbs. I had done a small electrical job on Friday morning and on my return home got stuck into removing the bluebells which actually didn’t take as long as I thought though there may be a couple I’ve missed. As I was about to finish that work I received another request for my electrical services so I drove there and did that work. Now perhaps I can take a break from the garden for a couple of days which is just as well for we have rain forecast!

Shirley Anne