Boots let in

A pair of New Rock boots
A pair of New Rock boots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a popular saying here in the UK and probably elsewhere too, well at least it is where I come from. The saying is, ‘What can you do when your boots let in?’ meaning letting in water through the soles. It is often said when there seems to be few alternatives or choices that can be made in any given situation. For instance we might say it after returning indoors after a downpour of rain and thoroughly soaked-through because we had to do something but didn’t have suitable rain wear. It would be that we didn’t have a choice because the work was necessary. We might use the phrase when we carry out a makeshift repair because we either didn’t have the correct materials or the time to do the work properly or maybe we weren’t competent enough! It is a tongue-in-cheek saying. I had an occasion on Sunday where I got soaking wet whilst in the garden. From my bedroom window whilst getting dressed for the day I had noticed two places where I could see the tips of bluebells. After breakfast and while it was still dry I got out the equipment and dug out the first bluebell, which actually turned out to be a few. I moved over to the other spot and began digging out the one there but again that one turned out to be many. However whilst doing that work I began to see more dotted about here and there so I set about digging them out too. It was beginning to rain a little but I pressed on thinking I would finish the work before the rain became too heavy. At the base of a tree I had dug a deep hole and had removed many bluebells together with many stones which made the digging harder but the rain became too much to work in so I abandoned it and went indoors hoping the rain would ease-off later and I could return to finish the work. The forecast indicated it would be several hours before the rain would stop. I was rather wet when I went inside thinking to myself ‘What can I do when my boots let in?’ the work needed doing even if it was raining. I chose not to get any wetter and instead prepared and baked another slab of rock cake. It was just after twelve o’clock when a local woman phoned and asked if I could sort out an electrical problem. She had lost her electrical supply and couldn’t reinstate it. I drove there and discovered eventually that she had an old fridge/freezer which was causing the power to trip. For some reason she hadn’t much in the freezer though the fridge section was full. I had to leave it switched off so that the supply could remain on. She’d had the unit for over twenty years and it was looking its age but electrically and mechanically it should have lasted far longer. They don’t make them to last these days. I drove home and saw another bluebell in the front flowerbed yet again so I returned to the garage for the spade and dug deep to remove it. It was now lunchtime so I prepared it and waited for the rain to stop. It was late in the afternoon before the rain eased off enough for me to get back in the garden to finish what I had started. It was too late in the day so I left the work half-done until Monday when it would be dry. If I don’t keep up this maintenance all my previous work will have been in vain……What can I do when my boots let in?

Shirley Anne