English: Hurdle Suomi: Estejuoksija ja este
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are times when you just want to give in and give up and there have been many such times during my life. Sometimes things go very well, even better than expected so when things go wrong it irritates. How we deal with such events is more important. Many would give up at the first hurdle because they haven’t the resilience and will-power to ride the storm as it were. In my occupation as an electrician and for many years as a maintenance engineer it pays to be resilient, it also pays to be inventive and adaptable for sometimes the correct materials are not available to effect a repair or installation. Sometimes it is the equipment itself, poor design is often the case with new equipment and it all makes the execution of the work difficult, in some cases impossible! I went to a house on Tuesday morning to replace four ceiling lights with new ones. In reality there wasn’t anything wrong with the ones already installed though one had the remains of a blown bulb in it. When I arrived I was informed that there were now five to replace accordingly. The new lights were simple enough to install but one of them really tested my patience because it, like all but one of the others, were poorly designed in the part that mattered, the connections to the lamp holder. The terminals had tiny screws to secure the wires and I mean tiny, very tiny, a mere four millimetres in length at most, probably three and that was the thing that spoiled what was otherwise a good lighting unit. The one which gave me the most problems had one of its tiny screws miss-aligned and I had to remove the holder to fix it. The screws required the use of a jeweller’s screwdriver because they were so tiny. These are mains connected fittings so tiny screws were so out-of-place in the design and only served to make connection very difficult. Why oh why design something so difficult to fit when larger screws would have been more appropriate and just as easy to use? This sort of problem should never arise in such a simple thing as a light fitting, it is so unnecessary and ridiculous. Jeweller’s screwdrivers are meant to be used in fine, delicate mechanisms, not electrical light fittings! The fifth unit was of a completely different design and was so easy to install, why? It had been designed properly with large terminals for easy connection of the wiring. That problem with the other lights made the work take much longer than it ought to have done had the design been better.

Shirley Anne