No big thing………

just lots of little ones! A few weeks ago I went on a mini shopping spree, mainly to buy toiletries and some underwear. Part of those purchases were three bras all in black but differing slightly in design. On Saturday I took the only one at that time I hadn’t worn since its purchase to wear that day and discovered one of the straps was twisted and no matter how I tried to correct it stayed twisted. It had been stitched that way in manufacture. It either meant a trip to the store to have it exchanged or unpick it and stitch it back as it should have been. I put the bra to one side and wore another instead. It would be Monday before I could get to the store. On Sunday I had decided to rest, my Sabbath rest if you like but with me I seldom have a complete rest. It is more that I don’t work at my profession or do any major work at home, except the small things. While getting dressed on Sunday morning I remembered the bra. I took it downstairs with a view to altering the strap myself after breakfast. It took ten minutes and it was as good as new, it was new but this time the strap wasn’t twisted! I have to say I had never come across such a thing in a new garment before. I had brought down my soiled bed linen on Saturday evening and placed it in the washing machine hanging it all in the cellar boiler room before treating myself to a soak in the bath tub. It was so much nicer than having a shower after the hard work of the day. I don’t use the bath too often but it is nice when I do. On Sunday morning I folded up the now dry linen in order to hang up the towels I had put in the machine before breakfast. It was then that I remembered the grease-band kit I had purchased on my visit to Dobbies Garden Centre earlier. I cut and fitted a band around the two fruiting apple trees to prevent insects from crawling up the trunk. There are two reasonably large apple trees and one very small apple tree though they were all planted at the same time in 1989! The small tree’s trunk has never grown wider than a couple of centimetres and it is less than two metres in height. We have no idea why. In this picture taken a few years ago before we had the large greenhouse installed, you might be able to see the trees on the left of the greenhouse. They stand in a row with the small one nearest (just left of the green watering can)..

I came indoors to prepare another vegetable and chicken stew and another rock cake. It rained all afternoon so I remained indoors apart from a short visit to my next-door neighbour who wanted to see if I could help with a technical problem concerning their television and extension speaker unit. They had purchased the wrong connecting lead! On my return home I placed the two green wheelie bins in the street ready for emptying on Monday. I am so ready for them to be emptied of all those bluebells! Trouble is, one of them will get filled again almost immediately when I empty out the builder’s bag of its bluebell contents………..

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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