Hard on the thighs

Yesterday’s post was entitled ‘Hard going’ and indeed the work I am doing in the garden is exactly that. Yes I am older now but even for someone much younger it is still hard work. I think I do very well for my age. I meet many people, both genders and of a similar age to myself and to be honest have all but resigned themselves to old age. Anyway I do what I am able to do whilst I can. I continued with the edging to the long flowerbed and thus far I have completed about two-thirds of it, that is placing the slabs and stones.

Of course I have to seal the joints yet, though I have done a little bit of that (right-hand part in the picture). I have thieved some large slabs we had in The Mound to make up the numbers and in the process have been digging out the bluebells that were growing beneath them. That part is a job all by itself. I will be placing some of the large stones I hope will be left over from the collection I have where the slabs once lay in The Mound. If there are any more bluebells in The Mound, and that is most likely the way things have gone, it will be easier lifting the stones and less disruptive to the surrounding plants. Constantly having to move some of the small plants and bulbs to get at the bluebells has been a nuisance. As I write this late on Tuesday my upper leg posterior muscles need a rest as they are aching. I am not sure why those particular muscles alone are aching but I suspect they are because I have been kneeling and stretching in the course of the work. If they are still aching on Wednesday I will most probably leave off any further work on the project for a while. As it stands I might mow the lawn for the first time in the year as it needs cutting. I may have to wait until later in the day however to allow the dew to dry up. Rain is forecast at the weekend and all work will have to stop then. Perhaps that is just as well.

Shirley Anne