Gently does it

So Gently We Go
So Gently We Go (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

….or as my dad used to say ‘Gently Bently’. Not sure where ‘Bently’ ┬ácame into it unless he had aspirations of owning the car of the same name. Just a saying I guess. I hadn’t any electrical work for over a week then two jobs came my way on Thursday and Friday. I write this on Thursday morning having returned home after completing the first one. An elderly gentleman of 85 years together with his wife of 82 years had lost power to some of the outlets in the kitchen. Evidently they had employed another electrician whom the gentleman kept referring to as ‘a cowboy’ for he apparently had caused the problem. I wasn’t quite sure the story was true but there was no other explanation. He had been called out to trace the fault but in the process left it in the same condition. I discovered two problems, a disconnected wire in one of the outlets and several loose connections in a box downstairs in the cellar. I corrected the faults and all returned to normal. The work was easy and it had to be as muscles in my legs were still aching. Whilst I was at the house someone called to ask if I could do some installation work. I have recently stopped doing installation work unless it is easy because it can be hard going. In any event I doubt the constant bending down and getting up again would be of much benefit to my legs at the moment. I have decided to take things easy, do far less of the more strenuous work (I have enough of that at home) and when I do work approach it in a ‘Gently Bently’ manner. The work I was to do on Friday morning would be done atop a ladder, exchanging floodlights with new LED ones. I don’t mind working up a ladder as long as it isn’t too high. I find I get nervous now if I climb too high up a ladder. Working on scaffolding isn’t a problem, no matter what the height. As for the garden work I would be forced to leave that alone for the weekend because of the forecast poor weather. At least my muscles would be able to take time out for a while.

Shirley Anne