Danger on the road

Cry Danger
Cry Danger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Several rules, regulations and laws are set in place for road users, whether they be pedestrians, cyclists or vehicle drivers which all are designed with safety in mind. It is up to individuals to adhere to the rules else pay the penalty. For those who may only bring upon themselves harm when disregarding the rules I suppose you might consider it to be their own fault and to an extent it is but as a society we have the obligation to care. It is annoying to me and to every driver who respects the law to see others flouting  it but not only drivers, pedestrians and cyclists too. We have all been guilty of breaking the laws at some time whether intentionally or not but as we get older in most cases I would imagine the intention disappears. I would hope that to be the case. There really isn’t an excuse though, if we make rules, regulations and laws for every situation we should abide by them or they become useless and any control we have is lost. On my travels I see many road users flouting the laws which include jay-walking pedestrians, dangerous cyclists, drivers using phones, speeding, drivers reversing onto main roads, even at peak times! On my way to a house a mere mile and a half away a few days ago I encountered a driver reversing into the main road who stopped all traffic in the process. They felt it was their right I suppose to act that way though in fact it was breaking the law. Why they didn’t reverse off the road when parking is beyond me. On my return home I saw a young cyclist coming in the opposite direction along the narrow road we were on who was riding without his hands on the handlebar but holding a mobile phone. He was wearing earplugs connected to the phone and was taking little notice of the road he was on. He was breaking more than one law all at the same time but more importantly he seemed oblivious to the fact that he was being a potential danger to other road users. What if he lost control of the bike? Would he be run over or would drivers have to take evasive action perhaps causing injury to others or to themselves? If we use the roads we must stick to the rules or have to put up with the absolute carnage when things go wrong because we have ignored them.

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Author: Shirley Anne

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