Don’t put off ’till tomorrow……

….what you can do today or in reference to my garden project, removing bluebells (and installing a stone edging) ‘Don’t put off ’till tomorrow what can annoy you today’! Well I did leave it ’till the next day! I had been working in the garden on those same projects, firstly to dig out more bluebells then later continuing on installing the stone edging to the long flowerbed. It was a gloriously warm and sunny day on Saturday as it had been on Friday so I made the most of the good weather to get the work done, well as much as I could. My first task was to dig out more bluebells from The Mound (for the sixth or seventh time!). Again that took some time for I had to dig deep and there were stones mixed-in with the soil making it more difficult than it already was. Every time I work on The Mound I have this problem but only on one side where there was obviously more building rubble dumped years ago. When we redesigned The Mound a few years ago we dug out bags of it along with the enormous amount of natural stone in the form of slabs or  just large stones. We have used that stone to construct a pathway and edging to all the flowerbeds, the long flowerbed being the last one. There is very little stone left now. Anyway I dug out bluebells in the morning and after lunch finished off laying the stone edging which still has to be sealed at the joints.

As you can see there are still some stones left which are leaning against the wall. The Mound is in the lower right in the picture but I had been working on the other side of it. It was around four o’clock when I decided to stop for the day but when putting the tools away in the garage I saw more bluebells at the far end of the greenhouse flowerbed so I dug them out. A couple of them were located in the same spot between the two small round green shrubs right against the stone edging. The bulbs were actually beneath the paving slabs! Fortunately with a little effort I managed to get my fingers underneath to pull them out. 

I was finally finished for the day so I went indoors for my tablet and returned outside to take the photographs I am now posting. The bulbs I planted in this bed are now growing well.

And in this one in the small rockery I had constructed at the end of the greenhouse flowerbed I had been working on last year…..

A little splash of colour in the bed next to The Patio…

And the tulips…… 

The rhubarb is growing now too….

I sat for a while on the path in front of The Mound in the heat of the sun and silly me glanced at the soil and saw the tell-tale bright green finger of a bluebell I had forgotten to remove when digging out the others earlier. How annoying was that? I didn’t dash off for the tools to dig it out…..there would always be tomorrow.

Shirley Anne


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