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English: The Sabbath Rest
The Sabbath Rest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

….It was Sunday and my day of rest. Aha but I had that single bluebell to dig out of The Mound which I had spotted the previous day as I sat and relaxed for a time after the hard day’s work I had done. I had been removing bluebells earlier in the day and had thought I’d got them all, the ones that had shown themselves of course! I wanted Sunday free from work but I knew that if I didn’t get that bluebell it would have been nagging at me thinking about it. So the first thing I did after breakfast was to put on my overalls and go to The Mound to dig it out. I most probably wouldn’t have bothered with overalls but I had to climb to the centre of The Mound to get at it. I began to dig but in the process of digging out that bluebell I saw others close by. The five minutes turned into thirty before I had finished. That would be it until others sprouted up in the days or weeks ahead. I also dug out many small stones and a 2 Lira Italian coin dated 1924 with the head of Vittorio Emanuele 111 on it. I have no idea how that got there but I will say that as well as that coin I have dug out the remains of a watch, a single clip-on earring and a couple of small Victorian or Edwardian glass bottles together with strips of lead which I think had been used for holding the slate tiles on a small out-building, one of probably three which stood in the garden years ago. At last Sunday was free and I could relax in the sunshine. It was a slightly less warm day than the day before but still warm enough to sit in. Later in the afternoon the wind, light as it was, began to make its presence known so that I had to find shelter from it whilst still enjoying the sun. That I did on the patio. I was even able to lie down on the artificial grass which was dry and free from crawling insects such as ants. Before we had the grass laid last year ants were always a problem but they don’t like the artificial grass so keep away. Yes, the ants had become active because of the warm weather and whilst I was digging out the soil to lay the stone edging the day before they were all over the place. This year I have made plans to reduce their number as I have purchased some traps which are filled with ‘Nippon’. They will be tempted to eat it and take it to their nests where it will poison them and hopefully the queen ant too. We have a few ant nests dotted about the garden but the ones which are the most undesirable are those nearest to the patio beneath the paving. The scheduled work I had for Monday morning had been cancelled so if no other work came in I would be free to begin setting the stone edging by filling in the gaps with a fine concrete mix. I prefer to use a mix of three parts sand, two parts grit (granite chippings) and one part cement which is stronger than just using mortar. Mortar has a habit of breaking away eventually in this sort of application because it is constantly getting wet in the rain, The concrete mix is far better all round. Well that was the plan, let’s see if it happened.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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