Okay already!

After promising myself I would spend the weekend relaxing I found myself doing something. Yesterday, that is Saturday as I write, I did my relaxing in the morning and in the afternoon planted out the ten latest additions to our shrub collection. The afternoon had turned out bright and sunny and that was the way Sunday started of sorts. It was a mixture of sun and fast-moving clouds during the early part of the morning but later it was just sunshine all the way. I did relax in the morning until an hour before lunch when I decided to top-up the larger of the three raised beds on the patio with the soil I had temporarily stored in the long plant pots. I wanted to ensure there were no bluebells in that soil so had put it in the pots for a couple of weeks. It wasn’t enough so I had to add more. Soon after lunch I mowed the lawn for the second time this year. I had to wait until the afternoon to allow the wet grass to dry. It had been raining during the morning the day before and was now covered in dew. It hadn’t dried completely by the time I mowed the grass but enough to allow it to be cut using the petrol mower. The second cut had actually been easier than the first one had. That was the sum total of my work for the day and I sat out on the patio for much of the afternoon thereafter. I could have stayed out there until around six o’clock or later but returned indoors in order to bake some scones. Two of my neighbours lay outside soaking up the sun until very late it was that nice. That was it, my relaxing Sunday. I didn’t even go for a weekend stroll as I often do. Electrical work beckoned on Monday morning.

Shirley Anne


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