Wasn’t to be

The lovely warm and sunny days we thought we might get last Saturday and Sunday didn’t turn out quite that way. Saturday was brilliant, warm and sunny throughout the day but Sunday things started to cool off a bit. The morning was much the same as it had been on Saturday but just after lunch when I fancied sitting out on the patio it went dull as thickening clouds began to hide the sun and to top that the wind began to grow in strength too. It was too cool and windy to stay outside unless I was working but working was far from my thoughts, I really did want to sit and do nothing! I had however taken a walk along the sea front during the warm and sunny morning which as it turned out was just as well. I would have needed a warm coat had I gone in the afternoon. A day of two halves to be sure! Over the previous couple of days I had been thinking about redecorating the smaller of the two lounges at the front of the house. The larger one has been out of use for a few years now ever since we allowed our eldest son to store his furniture there whilst he and his wife searched for a new home after selling off the one they had. Things didn’t quite got to plan and they are living with her parents in the meantime. I would like to redecorate that room too but it is out of the question at the moment. We do have a third lounge in the rear of the house but that doesn’t need redecorating. So I have been weighing up how much it will cost but more than that what colour scheme to go for. I want to replace both the carpet and the three-piece suite anyway. The carpet isn’t too bad to be honest but does need replacing. The suite however certainly does need to go as it is looking its age and is rather worn. The sofa especially needs to go as it is the most worn of the three. It is a fabric-covered suite too and they show their age more rapidly. I want to purchase a leather suite similar to that which we have in the rear lounge perhaps, leather anyway. One thing I might not change is the colour of the ceiling, it is in very good condition. The colour of the walls and woodwork I want to change to white. I might decide to just start over and have a complete colour change to include the carpet which is currently blue and the curtains too.

The worst part of having a room decorated is emptying out the furniture, though the three-piece suite would be getting scrapped anyway. I am at the planning stage at the moment and as yet haven’t decided whether to employ a decorator, as I know a couple of guys who are decorators, or do it myself. If I do it myself I can take my time and save money in the process but the way I am feeling about life at this moment I might just employ someone and get it done quicker. I have just finished writing this and the sun has appeared again so I might sit outside and look at the garden. On the other hand I might just stay indoors!

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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