Wheels in motion

Talking about redecorating one of the lounges in yesterday’s post set me thinking seriously about getting the ball rolling, setting the wheels in motion as it were as I had nothing else to do on a dull Monday morning. What a difference the weather turned out to be on Monday compared to the previous two to three days. It was much cooler and windier though I will say it brightened up later. Not one for hanging about too long before making the decision to get the lounge redecorated I made immediate steps in that direction. Before I could do anything however I received a call telling me that the photo cell sensor unit I had ordered had arrived and was ready for collection. As it happened the existing sensor had resumed working as before but I still followed through with the purchase and drove there to collect it. It will be a useful stand-by should one of the two installed units fail. Pity it cost £75 for the privilege but there you go. So getting back to the lounge…..I organised an appointment with Hillary’s who’s representative will now be coming along on the 20th of this month, three days hence in fact, to measure for bespoke curtains and to install them at a later date. They have to be made to suit because the windows are of unusual dimensions. At the same time I will decide on the colour. That arranged I proceeded to check out the local furniture stores over the Internet and finally selected at least for the time being the sofas I want, one three-seater and the other a two-seater from DFS. They cost me £1700 in their sale offer. I paid up front. The suite we have at the moment consists of a three-seater sofa and two armchairs but having a two-seater instead of two armchairs saves space and for this room will be more suitable. I have chosen from the Mendez range in the colour ‘Bordeaux’ which as the name implies is a rich crimson red. They, I have been informed will take around six weeks to manufacture and deliver, plenty of time to be getting on with the decorating. Whilst I was out collecting the sensor I drove to a decorating supply centre and purchased some cover stain (for covering the existing mahogany stain on the woodwork), some gloss paint and wallpaper paste. I didn’t purchase the emulsion on that visit but will collect some later and neither did I purchase the wallpaper. Now I have ordered the furniture I can decide on the colour of the wallpaper and later on the carpet. I will need to decide on the colour of the wallpaper before I have the curtains made too. So it starts…. After I had dropped the materials back home I went to the pub for lunch and at the same time phoned my decorator friend. He told me he was quite busy but maybe could do the work in a few week’s time. I just have to remind him later on. I see him at the pub sometimes too though he wasn’t there on Monday, well he would be working at that time of day! I had thought about doing the work myself but I will have enough to do stripping the room and getting it ready to work in and of course any electrical work that comes in. Later in the afternoon in fact I received a call to do some electrical work the following day which all helps to lessen the cost of the decorating.

Shirley Anne