Small lounge

So I began Wednesday getting organised to start the redecoration of the small front lounge. First task was to clear a space in the garage so I could then move the old three-piece suite into it. Here is the lounge window with the front door to the left and the garage on the right (picture taken last year). I had to manoeuvre it through the door, down the steps and around to the space I had prepared to the left of the van. Fortunately the front door is really two both of which open fully and the garage is more than twice the width of the van and almost twice as long. 

It was surprisingly easy to get the suite moved. Next task was to bring in a section of the tower from the garage and erect it in the lounge.

The platform on the tower is slightly less than half the height to the ceiling and at a perfect position to work on the ceiling and frieze beneath it. It was around eleven o’clock when I decided to drive off to the decorator supply store to order in the wall paper having made up my mind which one I wanted. I returned their sample book at the same time. Whilst there I also purchased white emulsion paint for the ceiling and a small can of a red-coloured emulsion with which to pick out part of the cornice which is presently blue as in the picture below.

I didn’t return home directly but went to the pub again for lunch. I must have arrived just at the right time for it became full of diners shortly after. I didn’t hang about once I had eaten and then returned home with the paint. The wall paper would be in the store a day or so later ready to collect. I spent a little time disconnecting and removing an old cctv control unit from behind the television and the two wall-mounted lights. You can see the circular electrical boxes in the second and fourth pictures.

That was about all the work I did on the day. I have yet to remove some small items of furniture and other things followed by the television, carpet and probably the underlay too in case it gets damaged. The underlay will be used with the new carpet I have yet to purchase but that will be done when the rest of the work is completed. Our local council will collect the old suite in the morning of the same day the guy coming to measure for new curtains will arrive, that is tomorrow, Thursday. I am hoping that by the time you are reading this I will have made some progress in the redecoration. It is looking more likely that I will end up doing the work myself unless my decorator friend becomes available.

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