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Moving on from yesterday’s post I was able to spend most of the day working at home in the small lounge. It was about 9.30 however before I made a start. There were a couple of things I had to do first, remove the six curtains and the hardware for them from the window. They are of the right length and width to be reinstalled in the rear lounge which for years hasn’t had curtains hanging there. The rear of the house isn’t overlooked so privacy was never an issue but curtains will improve the look of the room and help retain heat in the cold months, although the double-glazing we had installed around the house a few years ago does most of that work. I removed the two wall-mounted lights and a couple of items of furniture before finally getting started on the first coat of emulsion on the ceiling and frieze. I began in this corner of the room….(click on pictures to magnify)

You can see the contrast in colour on the ceiling where the new paint meets the old. Basically I followed around the room at the wall to get the frieze painted too. I managed to complete up to more than halfway around, above the windows.

Once I have completed the frieze and the ceiling edges I will move to paint the centre area. The ceiling and frieze will then need a second but final coat to blot out the existing pale blue colour. In the pictures you can see where the cornice has been painted in a darker blue forming two stripes around the room. They are going to be painted over in a shade of red to match the new furniture, carpet and curtains. I stopped work for lunch and was about to resume work when I received a call from the decorator store informing me that the wall paper had been delivered and was ready for collection. I went to collect it, resuming work on my return. I did get a couple of electrical offers of work but I turned them down as not being something I was prepared to do. As I write this on Thursday evening no doubt there will be more offers tomorrow, if not I will have plenty of things to keep me occupied in the lounge. Because the room faces roughly south-west it gets rather warm during the day when the sun is out. Sometimes that is an advantage, sometimes not. I did a little stripping . of the old wall paper where is has been possible but I will need the steam pad to get most of it off. I phoned my youngest son who had borrowed the machine some months ago but hadn’t as yet used it! He would bring it over at the weekend. I stopped work for the day at 5.30 as E had returned with the weekly shopping and it was time for my evening meal an hour later. I seem to remember doing a lot of redecorating in the first few months of last year……..mmmm.

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