A break to nothing

Woman baking coookies
Woman baking coookies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember reporting that last Sunday (9th) turned out wet and windy in the afternoon. This past Sunday (16th) started off the same way. It promised to improve as the day wore on and indeed by one o’clock it had begun to get better. Although I needed a break from work I was reluctant to take it but take it I did. For me it is trying to find something to do on my days off for I am like a coiled spring wanting to unwind, not to relax but to do something. Sunday was a day to change the bed linen and it was the first I did before going downstairs. After breakfast the linen was ready to hang on the line to dry after I had placed it in the washing machine earlier. Time for a walk to relieve the boredom and get some exercise in the process. The day wasn’t that nice for walking outside, cool bordering on cold because of the wind and wet with spasmodic rain. I would rather it rained continuously than spasmodically, I had to keep folding the umbrella only to open it again a few minutes later. My friend the wind (in his dreams) wanted to turn my brolly inside out and succeeded once! No, not really a nice day at all. It was now lunchtime and I had successfully gotten through half the day but the afternoon threatened more boredom unless I could find something to occupy me. Time for some baking I thought, yes that would keep me out of mischief for an hour or two and baking is something I like doing anyway. E had bought some more flour as if she knew I would be needing it. Either that or she had her thoughts on the end results! She doesn’t do much baking these days and spends most of her time with her new-found hobby, manufacturing specialised greetings cards. There is an endless flow of materials coming into the house and over the past twelve months many items of machinery and gadgets too. At least she keeps occupied just like me……but not so on Sundays.

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