Glad to be back

Although Sunday offered a welcome break for my physical well-being it did little to ease my impatience and eagerness to do something. It was good therefore to be able to get back to the job in hand, redecorating the small lounge. Most of the work hitherto had been centred on the ceiling and frieze and even now on the fourth day of actually working in the room there is still more to do in that area. I had begun to paint the two stripes around the cornice on Saturday and set about finishing it off on my return on Monday. As with many jobs I do I end up finding an easier way to do it as the work progresses. For painting the stripes I used a small piece of hard board to act as a guide and to prevent the paint going where it wasn’t supposed to. Using the guide also sped-up the execution of the work. However there still remains some touching-up where the colour has run on to the white paint. I expected that anyway but I will be able to touch-up the over-spill when I give the frieze another coat of paint. Anyway I got the stripes painted right around the room..

I then started on painting over the woodwork using a special paint to do it. I completed painting the first coat on the picture rail, on part of the window frame and the top half of the mantle-piece which surrounds the fireplace. There is much woodwork left to do yet, the window frame, the door frame and the door and of course the skirting board which is almost a half-metre in height, and all of that is just for the priming coat! So I am going to be rather busy in that room for quite a while yet. The end of the day turned out very sunny and I was able to spend an hour relaxing on the patio late in the afternoon. I sat and watched the antics of the numerous tits flitting about among the tree branches and the grey squirrel out on his rounds before finally returning indoors for my evening meal.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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