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Gosh I was tired on Tuesday (25th) evening, so much so I was in bed at nine o’clock. I didn’t think it was all due to what I did during the day but probably more to do with the amount of work I have been doing in general over the past few weeks. Anyway it was honest well-earned rest which took me to bed so early. It must have made all the difference because I was up and refreshed before seven o’clock on Wednesday and soon after breakfast I had the brush in my hand and the can of paint by my side ready to give the wood work in the lounge what I hoped would be its second and final coat of paint. By noon it was all done though I have to admit there were still one or two places I had missed that needed filling with caulk. Admittedly they were few and small and I would attend to them later. My next task would be to give the walls a coat of sealant though they are quite smooth already and unlikely to be very if at all absorbent. Walls need to be sealed properly before any attempt is made to hang wall paper. If it isn’t sealed the paper may peel away because the adhesive will have been drawn into the plaster. After that I can start hanging the paper.

Wall paper
Wall paper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway at this point in the day I might have considered dining out at the pub but I had been doing that rather a lot lately so I resisted the temptation and cooked a meal at home instead. Wednesday was a bright and sunny day so I took advantage and spent some time on the patio relaxing for a change. There was little else I could do in the room as far as the decoration was concerned but I did take the time to clean the removed door handle with metal polish before fixing it back on the door. I had given the door its final coat of paint the previous day so it was dry, everywhere else I had painted before lunch. I also upturned the coffee table and painted the underside and while I had the brush in my hand I painted the rear of the radiator I had standing against the wall. I went downstairs into the cellar, located the pasting table and brought it up to the room ready for use when I begin hanging the paper. The redecoration is all coming together at last but there is still plenty to do yet.

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