Perfect cube

I have done much decorating over the years and none of it has been without one problem or another. Practice makes perfect so the saying goes and that has a ring of truth about it, the more experience we have the better the work we do as time goes by, or should do. That will be true for anyone who doesn’t give up at the first hurdle or fails to give things another try. It is true that not everyone has the ability in some things but are probably good at others. As far as decorating goes I would say that I am reasonably competent but that competence has taken years to accomplish. I learnt as I went along and hopefully I have become better now than when I made my first attempt. However, it doesn’t matter how good I feel I am and how competent, sometimes the work is more difficult than it should be. How many rooms in a house are perfect cubes (or cuboid)? If all the walls were perfectly straight, perfectly upright and perfectly aligned with adjacent walls hanging wall paper would be extremely easy! I finally got to make a start in hanging some wall paper on Friday though I started late in the morning due to my having to do a small electrical job beforehand.

I began here at the side of the window frame. The second of the two pieces in the picture above was very awkward to do, not because it followed through the corner but because the two walls at that point were not perfectly aligned. I live in an old house built in 1877 but I wonder if new houses are any better. Anyway I managed to almost complete the wall before I stopped for the day.

There is quite a lot of waste paper left from each roll because of the pattern drop but that is to be expected. I mentioned I had bought a different paste than that which I have previously purchased, it is designed to be applied directly to the wall rather than to the paper as is the case with the other adhesive. It is also much thicker as it is designed for use with heavy papers and with that being the case I had to thin it out with water for use with the paper I am using which though is quite a thick paper it doesn’t require the paste to be thick to hang it. If all goes well I will have the work done in a day or two.

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Author: Shirley Anne

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