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Monday in the UK was a national holiday with many people taking advantage and getting away from home for at least the one day. Not myself however, E and I have never spent these one-day holidays away from home mostly because travelling on the roads is and was always a nightmare. Who wants to spend hours in traffic trying to get somewhere only to go through the same process on the return? Congestion is a problem we have in the UK on major trunk roads at the best of times. I have always spent the time at home either relaxing outside if it is nice weather or working either for myself or for others if the opportunity arose. At the moment as my readers will know, I have been redecorating a room at home so I wanted to take the opportunity to press on with it with the hope of possibly finishing the main part of it. I spent seven hours stopping only for a quick-lunch and finishing the work at four o’clock……..

Continuing where I left-off in the top picture I finally reached the left-hand side of the window frame having started hanging the paper a few days ago on the right-hand side.

As you might guess the most difficult section was that shown in the last picture. It was there that I found the walls misaligned the most, not a great amount but enough to cause me problems. I wasn’t defeated however and managed to get around them. That means I have finished the major part of the decorations and only have to touch-up things here and there. My next job will be to offer the radiator up to the wall so I can measure where to place the left-hand wall bracket I had removed because it was too high. The other bracket was at the correct height and I replaced it when the wall paper there had been hung. I will have to drill the wall to fix the left bracket. I need to paint the front of the radiator also before I replace it permanently. It is easier to do that while it is supported on the floor and of course that will prevent the paint ‘running’ too. When that is done my part in the work will be complete.
The end of the day was warm and sunny and because the garden has had little rain lately I wanted to water the plants again so I began doing that. I wasn’t going to get away with just watering however, I found a few Montbretia and Bluebells which I immediately dug out.

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