Scratching around

There is nothing more boring for me to find myself scratching around for something to do when doing something is what I want. I do take time out though but when I find myself standing around because I am unable to work it is annoying. On Thursday morning I was up early and after my breakfast I gave the  little cabinet another coat of the special priming paint. It is amazing stuff which blots out stains or in this case the varnished surfaces I intended painting white. It also dries within thirty minutes and can be painted over after two hours but I had no intentions of doing that. I was expecting the guys doing the tiling of the fireplace to arrive at eleven o’clock and by the time I had finished it was after ten. It would be after lunch before I could even consider applying some gloss paint. It would be inconvenient to continue as the guys might want my assistance anyway. Apart from that the paint odour wouldn’t have been nice to put up with for anyone working in the room. While I was waiting for them to arrive I decided to water the front garden which I had sadly neglected for a few days and was in need of the watering. It was about fifteen minutes after I had done that when the guys arrived. It was eleven-fifteen. They didn’t stop for long as they then drove off to purchase the materials and have lunch on the way. The work actually began around one o’clock and progress was slow

It was almost five o’clock by the time they left and the tiling by then was finished as far as the cutting and laying of them was concerned. They would return early on Friday morning to do the grouting.

You will need to click on the images to see the detail (and the difference between them). During their stay I was struggling somewhat looking for something to occupy myself. I asked them at what time the gas fitter would install the new fire and they indicated sometime on Friday afternoon. I asked if it would be possible for him to arrive sooner, I couldn’t face another whole day twiddling my thumbs waiting to the work to be completed. Still I have to admit the work is being done properly even if it seems at times to be slow.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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