Well not quite…….

……the end. As far as the room (my small lounge) being decorated it is the end but I have been busy painting the little cabinet, its shelf and drawers and I gave what I hope will be the last coat of paint to the coffee table top. I may paint the detail in black though as I write this I am in two minds. It is now Sunday (7th), another gloriously warm and sunny day and being a Sunday I have rested from my usual labours. In the morning I went for a walk, passing my local pub on the way. A painter and decorator friend was there working! He was busy painting parts of the outside of the building. I called him a heathen (joking with him) asking why he was working on a Sunday to which he replied he hadn’t any other spare time. Well of course he had, we all have, it is just a question of priorities isn’t it? Once upon a time it was unheard of to work on a Sunday unless you were a doctor, nurse, policeman, fireman but now anything goes. Each to their own I say but the way I see it there will be a price to pay. I bade him farewell and carried on with my walk. Later, on my return home I passed by the pub again and he was still there. I stopped for a couple of minutes to chat then went home. It was now noon. I made a coffee and sat out on the patio before getting out the lawn mower to mow the lawn. I had intended to mow the lawn anyway whilst the weather remained dry. Back indoors an hour later I had lunch then once again went out into the garden. E had been hiding away inside the house all morning never venturing outside in the sunshine. Strange person she is. Eventually I couldn’t sit outside any longer without doing something and that was to clean the patio artificial turf. The prevailing winds in these parts is from the west but for over a week now it has come from the east. Accordingly it had blown the debris from the large lime tree which sits in a neighbour’s garden to the east all across our garden. I say debris but it appears to be husks or it is the remains of what appears to be the flowers that grow preceding the appearance of the leaves. I am not sure but just know that had the wind been blowing from the west our garden would have been much tidier! I cleaned the patio deck and the glass-topped table which has stood there since last summer. It was caked in dust. I got out one of the ‘mattresses’ and placed it on the reclined chair and forced myself to lie on it. I just lay there for ages. At last I took the rest I kept promising myself I would, it was really comfortable and I didn’t want to get off it. E did come out and sit on the patio later after she had hung out her washing. After a couple of hours of being lazy I got up and gave the garden plants a drink of water, especially those which are not yet fully established. Some of the shrubs are beginning to burst into flower and I am still plucking out the odd Montbretia and Bluebell as I find them. It remained sunny into the evening. A really nice day.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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