Nowhere to sit

Having been told by the carpet fitter that he would arrive at eight-thirty on Friday morning I duly arose early. I waited for eight-thirty to come, then nine-thirty and I was about to give up on him arriving any time in the morning when ten minutes later the door bell rang. It was the fitter. There was no apology nor explanation, only a cheerful smile. I simply accepted that he hadn’t kept the appointment and let him get on with the job. I made him a strong cup of tea with little milk just as he likes it and thanking me he began the work. I popped in a few times to see the progress and chat with him and he was only too pleased to chat. Maybe it is his ancestry which makes him a chatterbox like myself though I hail from different stock. Although he was born in this country I have been led to believe his family are of Italian origin, and Italians like chatting. He is a pleasant person and has been to our house four or five times over the past few years laying carpets as well as the artificial turf we have on the patio. Soon the work was finished and he had taken a mere hour and a bit to do it.

Yes it is a pale grey colour and is designed to match the grey pattern of the wall paper. The curtains match the colour of the stripes around the ceiling as well as the other colour on the wall paper. I spent around twenty minutes vacuuming the new carpet of all the bits and pieces that are produced in laying carpets and having to empty the vacuum out twice before I let Robbie (in the picture) vacuum up the smaller bits I had missed. I had to empty his tray three times, well he is only little! I often wonder why carpet fitters don’t vacuum the new carpets after they have laid them. Maybe it only happens in other countries? While Robbie was busy wandering about the room I began to move the furniture in, the small cabinet, the coffee table, the television and its table, the guitar and the new floor-standing lamp. Now those things are all very well and good but I couldn’t sit on them (well maybe the coffee table) and be comfortable. I received a message on my phone informing me that the settees would be delivered between eleven o’clock and two o’clock the next day, Saturday as arranged. Well I hoped so.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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